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Have you ever gotten someone interested in music they might not have otherwise liked (what was it)?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) March 26th, 2009

I was listening to this piece (“Gloria” from Misa Criolla by Ariel Ramirez) in my car:

My friend loved it and asked me to rip the mp3 of it and give it to him. I think that’s so cool. I would never have pictured him liking Spanish classical choral music. And of course numerous times my friends have inspired me to like music I wasn’t that interested in before.

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I got my redneck metal loving guy friend to appreciate the opera with this song, still my favorite.
I win.

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I have gotten a lot of my friends that would usually make fun hip-hop music, to listen to and actually enjoy it. I just sit them down and talk some things out with them.

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One of my best friends got me to tolerate country music. I got her to tolerate hip-hop.

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I got a hip hop girl into devo

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I’ve turned 2 people onto DMB, my mom and my best friend.

My mom was stuck listening to them on a roadtrip a few years back, and although she speaks almost no english, loved their music and remarked how much she enjoyed their “rhythm.”

Recently I got my best friend into DMB. He’s never been into them before, but was blown away with Dave’s mad guitar skills while watching a DVD of the Central Park Concert.

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I introduced my husband to the Decemberists and the Weepies. In turn, he gave me the Foo Fighters and Ludo.

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i got my rock and roll loving ex girlfriend to like de la soul.

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my dad and i were in the car and i was listening to the radio (which he never did) and something by the doors came on and he said“what is this? now this is my kind of music!” i was shocked

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