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Where should I apply for a Summer job?

Asked by CaseyWVU10 (550points) March 27th, 2009

I already have a job lined up for the Summer where my schedule is usually Wednesday to Friday. So I am planning on getting a second job for the weekends, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

My major in school is Interior Design, so with that said should I get a job at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Pier 1. Any input on someone’s work experiences at either of these places would be great

OR any suggestions on good places to work would be helpful too :)

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Apply for both. The economy is awful, you’ll faces tons of competition. Get your resume out early and often. And apply for anything that looks remotely good. Once you start getting call-backs, then you can decide where you really want to work.

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If there is a pool nearby, and you’re relatively fit, you need to go ahead and take the short, easy class to get certified. Grab any of several available jobs lifeguarding in your community.

You only “work” for half the time you’re there, sharing shifts on duty with another guard or two. The pay is good, the work is rewarding, you can swim all the time and enjoy the pool. It’s relaxing, laid back, the ‘management’ structure is lax. You will gain the side benefit of learning how to save lives and administer aid. You could change someone’s life by keeping it from ending.

And the best part: When it rains & storms: Sit around all day playing cards and goofing off while the hours add up on the paycheck.

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duude, if i was you I would seek an internship with a design agency/firm in your local area.
That will help you lots in the long run by providing you a real work opportunities and giving you the experience you need to be a pro. You’re not going to learn any design from bed bath and beyond.

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six flags, they are usually hiring

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I dunno dude, but you better get the Hell going based on our current economy.

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