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What ultimately caused the Roman Republic to collapse and give rise to the Empire?

Asked by TheIowaCynic (582points) March 28th, 2009
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The Jews.

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@Qingu If you don’t have a serious answer, don’t answer

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Sorry. Was there another conspiracy of shadowy figures running around back in late antiquity that you think caused it?

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@Qingu you’re attempting to bring an extemporaneous argument into this, very serious question, but since you bring up the point Qingu, I tend to be rather ANTI-conspiracy as I’ve repeatedly demonstrated. I don’t imagine that the historicity of Jesus was some kind of scam. I don’t think the Illuminati or some such stupid nonsense was behind 9–11, and I don’t believe in a shadowy, behind the scenes conspiracy by a majority of the German population to eliminate all the Jews from the planet.

Now please, if you don’t have something credible to offer a serious question, go elsewhere.

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Who do you think caused the Roman Republic to become the Empire, then?

I haven’t studied it in depth, but I imagine there isn’t any single reason or group of people. There usually isn’t.

(also, don’t you believe in a conspiracy by the government to blow up the twin towers and by Jews and other groups to “cover up” the truth of the supposed non-Holocaust? You don’t have to answer though, I suppose these questions are extraneous)

(also also, just to be clear, a “behind the scenes conspiracy” that simultaneously “had the support of the majority of Germans” would not be a conspiracy.)

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@Qingu I second, the Jews.

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@Qingu Please take your nonsense elsewhere and stop calling me a 9/11 conspiracy theorist when I have never said anything along those lines. I’m asking a serious question here. If you have nothing serious to add, go elsewhere

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@fireside interesting. How do you suppose the overreached and how do you think this led to the Empire?

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I would say that it was Julius Caesar who decided that his power was absolute and when he consolidated all control the Empire had its beginnings. It became evident in the form of Augustus the Emperor.

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@q2me – stop wasting your time spamming this forum since it will all be removed.

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I think a very wise man named Edward Gibbon wrote a very definitive answer to this, and I’m not about to cut and paste it here.

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Corruption. at the height of roman power people were living on government coin that had really no purpose, they were just related to an official that did to something, and he got his whole family/friends on the payroll. When there’s that much corruption in the capitol it weakens the entire empire. Also a string of very bad rulers certainly didn’t help.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 I agree, but what I would also suggest is that mechanisms of what was essentially a city government, aren’t fit to rule a huge empire and would very naturally lead to corruption…...but I do see your point

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[mod says:] A reminder to all Jellies to not bring their feelings/opinions from an old thread to a new one. Each new Q as long as it is within the guidelines deserves respect. Thanks!

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