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Would you like to live in a healthier planet to leave it to your kids?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) March 28th, 2009 from iPhone

If so,
Are you helping?
Do you shut off the shower while you’re cleaning yourself?
Do you have a water filter at home so you don’t have to buy bottled water?
Do you recycle all you can?
Do you try to use your car as little as possible?
Do you buy the store bags instead of using the plastic ones they give you there?
I could keep going on but it’ll be a waaaay to long question, so…

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I am trying to work out a treadmill that will power my computer. Thus the time spent on Fluther will be green and I will be fit as a marathon runner.

Oh and yes to most of the above.

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I try. I kind of watch the little things (see above).

However, I do think the most significant and important change has to come from the government. Therefore, I do tend to take a political party’s stance on the environment into account when voting (it’s not the only thing I take into account though).

Speaking of which, I’d like to draw attention to the Green Deal to everybody who lives in EU-countries (or perhaps people outside as well), and especially urge them to sign the petition, which asks the EU-leaders to adopt this plan. (Note: I haven’t read those links myself, only the Dutch versions provided by a Dutch political party)

Heh, I guess that was my first dive into doing some campaigning ;-)

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Yes I do…and quite frankly the future scares me…for my child…I care deeply about this precious place we live in but often i feel like my little changes will not have the impact that is necessary to change the world.

It is time for change… those with the big power must do something big before it really is too late.

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in canada everyone has to recycle.

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