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Is there an unexpected nicety someone has done you recently, one you'd never had guessed anyone would think of or pay much mind to?

Asked by VzzBzz (2784points) March 28th, 2009

My little story for the month of March:
I work in a car dealership and had the crew give a basic topping off of fluids yesterday. This morning one of the guys asks for my keys and says he wants to take a look at something again so I don’t think anything of it. When I went to my car to come home, I saw my whole front windshield had been replaced but no one would own up to knowing anything about it. I kinda wanted to cry because the glass had been cracked from top to bottom for over a year, just not a priority for me to throw money at I haven’t had.

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@VzzBzz- This thread just made my day. During rough economic times to see your new windshield says so much.

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My sister’s fiancĂ©‘s mother, when hearing that I was getting married to a Canadian, ran out to her car and came back with a bag full of Canadian money and said “Congrats!” with a big, friendly hug.

First time I met the woman, and she gives me a bag of money. There’s over $50 bucks in here. Wow. She just happened to have it with her (which is kind of strange, being that we live in the states).

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@Dog: It’s a superficial thing but so so nice, like a hobo getting a good meal and bath feeling.

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@Amoebic: Weird karma stuff, good karma stuff.

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These are great stories, I wsh I had something to add, besides lurve.

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I just found this question and I love it!

This kind of situation is exactly how I met my husband. I was a single mom, my ex was so far behind on child support, it wasn’t even funny. It was near Christmas, I had paid all my bills, paid for the lay-a-way at Wal-Mart – only to find out when they brought all the stuff out, part of it was missing. My daughter never asked for very much, but she wanted a Barbie Dream House. To top things off, my car broke down. At the time, I worked for a automotive group that owned over 200 dealerships. I called one of the guys, asked him if he could help me get it back to the dealership – he said of course. (he was an older man that treated me like his daughter) When they got it to the dealership, I told him I was almost broke, had very little money to put into the car. He said not to worry about that, he would keep the costs down.

The next day, I went to pay for my car (he put me in a loaner for the night) and I held my breath waiting for the total. He introduced me to the man that fixed my car – he explained that he told him my situation and he promised to keep the costs low. I asked them how much, and the man (very tall man) that fixed my car handed me my keys and said, “Merry Christmas.” He paid for the parts and fixed my car for free. I couldn’t believe it. Then, to top things off, I looked in the car, there was a Barbie Dream House in the backseat. He also had other gifts in the seat. He said that he was single, had been married for ten years, they never had children. He always wanted children. He said that it wasn’t fair that my daughter didn’t get her one request, because Wal-Mart misplaced it. (this one was the deluxe model of the toy!) He had a few little gifts for me, too. I just broke down crying. I couldn’t believe a total stranger would do that for me. I was so thankful, but a complete mess. Life had just been really crappy, up to that point. One huge act of kindness was the best gift I could have ever received.

He’s now my husband, he helps raise my daughter and we have a son, together. He’s been by my side while I’ve been fighting cancer. He’s my best friend and husband.

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That is a Wonderful! story.

I have this surgery that I need except I can’t afford it. I am currently looking for a job with health benefits so after working there for some time I will be able to afford the surgery because the health benefits will pay the hospital portion of the bill. Anyhow the company I am currently working on got together some money for me to start my savings. 500.00 without me asking. It means so much to me. It’s nowhere near the amount I need for surgery but it is amazing they would do that and it makes me feel SO good to know I have that much in my surgery fund.

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@RedPowerLady – That is wonderful! You don’t often hear of an employer doing something like that – even though it’s not enough, it sure does life the spirits and give someone hope.

thank you – I consider myself a very lucky woman.

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