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With economy in a downturn, how many items will you do without before you cancel your internet service? and what would go before your ISP?

Asked by Tangent_J (295points) March 29th, 2009

I find getting rid of this addiction – the internet – very difficult. And I think I would do without cable television before I got rid of the internet.

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Ha! I would cancel my bus pass or cell phone before losing the internet. It is the last thing to go, absolutely.

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Unplugged equals beached whale

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Eating out, which I do a lot.

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I do go without cable. I also go without a home phone line. I have dry DSL, I pay less than $50 a month for a great high speed connection and no filtering of my traffic.

I will never get rid of the internet, no matter what. I will never live in a place that does not have a high speed connection. It is simply an awesome tool that I use everyday, not only for my job and entertainment, but to learn all sorts of things, and also to facilitate living my life.

As for what else I would get rid of, I already live a modest life. I rarely purchase things that are not food or raw materials (fabric), and I often use my skills to increase my income (web design, selling things I sew) or reduce my outgoing costs (recycling, reusing, veggie gardens). I am in fact heading over today to my parents home to clean up the garden in preparation for this year’s vegetable planting. That’s one thing I would advise anyone to do who has space, do a bit of research and plant even just one veggie this year and help it grow.

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We already no longer eat out. We gave up satellite radio, gave up going to the movies. For our 10th wedding anniversary we were planning to go to on a romantic weekend getaway without the kids but opted instead to give each other a token gift and my spouse took an extra shift. (we will celebrate our 10th on the 11th) We cut up all the credit cards and live cash only

So what else will I give up before eliminating the internet? Lets just say I will be walking a lot and dressed really down before I give it up For me the internet pays me back since my business is run over it.

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The internet/tv would be the last things in our house to go. My husband would never allow it. We’d be starving and considering roasting the cat for dinner before he would even think of canceling internet and tv (we have the package).

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For almost two years now, I have refused to re subscribe to cable TV and have done just fine without it, I don’t miss it all but that did lead to getting Netflix. So now, I’ve cut down the netflix to just 1 disc and pacify myself with My celly service wasn’t thrilled when I cut my plan to the bare bones either but I’ve regained a little dignity in slowly losing the text callous on my finger. Yay. There was a recent period for 3 months where I had no internet because my computer got blown up by a lightening strike and that was very difficult, I thought I’d go crazy. The computer will be the last goodie to go: it gives me music, movies, TV, news, people, discounted bill paying and research from the comfort and safety of my home. No gasoline needed.

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I would cancel DVR service, cable and cellphone plan before cutting off Internet access.

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