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Do you struggle with something (or more than one thing) in your life that may be easy for the others to deal with, but, you, yourself have awfully hard time with? If so, what is it?

Asked by Jude (32162points) March 29th, 2009
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Making money and building a career. (Although I’ve always been blessed with receiving “enough.”)

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I can be very nervous for no particular reason from time to time. It effects me in social situations sometimes.

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As a child, I had a very severe speech impediment. I happened shortly after my biological father was murdered. I barely spoke, and when I did, I stuttered so much you really couldn’t understand what I was saying. I pretty much stopped talking. After many years of speech therapy, I finally was able to hold a conversation, without stuttering.

If I get really nervous, I have to calm down, refocus and try to speak without stuttering. It’s not very often and usually I can stop before it gets really out of control.

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Being on time.

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being a mum

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Being organized and tidy.

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I have a huge problem with “putting myself out there” IRL. Logically, I know that my ideas are just as good, I’m at least as averagely attractive as other women, that no one is scrutinizing and judging me as harshly I judge myself, etc., and yet I’m extremely self-conscious about anything having to do with writing down and working towards my goals, writing a movie or sketch and producing it and talking to men I find attractive.

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@aprilsimnel That is exactly how I feel. You must be an INFJ haha

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Being practical.

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Being second

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the thought of my impending independence next year as i go off to college!


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Sticking to things. One minute I’m up up up up. The next I’m completely depressed and down. Like really, from hour to hour. This makes it very hard to go through with anything. From small plans to big life goals. One minute my idea or plan will sound fantastic and the next minute it’s the last thing I want to do.

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I am socially maladjusted, and suffer from a form of OCD.

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@aviona i’m like that too.

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I struggle with forgiveness.

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@Facade glad to know I’m not alone.

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@jonsblond There may be some tips and ideas that can help here:

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@Yarnlady Thank you. I hold on to anger too long and I really need to learn to let go. I appreciate you taking the time to provide a link for me. :)

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I feel like an awful student, I don’t concentrate on my work hard enough and then get upset at my failure. I wish school came more easily to me.

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I don’t mean to patronize you here @casheroo, but have you ever thought that you might have a learning difference? Sometimes they can be very subtle. My coworker was just telling me about this the other night. She has a lot of difficult in math in particular (so do I) and she somehow got to talking with one of the regulars at our restaurant who is a psychologist of some kind. So he offered to run the tests with her for free. It takes a while, or at least it did for her because they could only meet for a few hours once a week. If you get tested through your school it should be free, but as my coworker said there’s usually a long wait list (because every wants more time on tests!). If you outsource it may cost money (unless of course you have a connection, like my coworker).
My coworker barely scored in the section that qualified her, but it did, she gets more time on tests, etc.

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@aviona Well, i definitely think I have a disability when it comes to math…because I can never understand it. I can go through the motions with formulas, but it doesn’t make sense to me still. My biggest issue is procrastination. I don’t give myself enough time to write great papers, I wait til two hours before it’s due to start it. That’s my issue.

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Yeah, I mean we all procrastinate for sure. Do you think you could be ADD or ADHD perhaps? Have you talked to a doctor about it or a psych?

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Most of my issues stem from taking lithium and other antidepressants. They completely ruin how the brain works, in my opinion and experience. I would probably never go back on them, unless absolutely desperate. I have seen many psychologists/psychiatrists since I was 15–21, I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD, and have always been completely honest. I’m firm in my belief that those medications caused me to not be able to learn properly. It’s definitely not ADD.

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That’s sucks I’m sorry. Man, I’m definitely gong to watch out. I can feel my brain cells dying.

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Articulating myself well enough. It is something I work on and work on. Others seem to just be able to do it. Often times I have ideas and thoughts in my head that I just can’t articulate well. When I was a teen I used to tell my sister. “come one you know what I mean” and she would always know. Lot of good that did me when she wasn’t around. I’ve become much better at it but am still quite frustrated about the issue. This is even more true when speaking aloud.

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Committing infidelity
Being content with a typical family life
Poor health habits

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Persuading people that what I’m saying is true. I might as well be lying, makes no difference – I have the opposite talent of persuasion, if this could be possible. I could be telling people it’s raining and they could be soaking wet and still not believe me.

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I’m not ADD but I like to do other things than what I am suppose to do. Mostly when I have to do school work.

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