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Where is the best place online to find intelligent discussions?

Asked by bkudria (64points) March 29th, 2009

I’m looking for intelligent and thoughtful discussions on the Web. Where are the best places?

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Try us.
Ask a question.

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@Myndecho Of course, Fluther is great! I was hoping for other places too.

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You will often get places full of people who think they’re smart but often than not it will be similar to here.

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Try sometimes (if you can get past some of the religious and or lovey dovey crap) they have some really good discussions/debates. It’s nowhere near as inspiring as it used to be but you can still find the odd gem on there.

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That’s a very good website. and I’ve only just said “try us”

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The more specific the subject matter/site, the better the discussion. The specific URL depends on the subject you are interested in.

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Depends on your definition of intelligent. In this day and age there are trolls corrupting pretty much every forum and bulletin…

However, DALnet and Freenode are two IRC networks that may cater to intelligent discussion, #science on DAL comes to mind.

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I found several by typing the words “intelligent discussion forums” with many entries.

I have found that private discussion groups on Yahoo and Google are more likely to have “safe” discussion forums, rather than the public, non-moderated ones.

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