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Have you had any experience in taking L-tryptophan?

Asked by Facade (22884points) March 29th, 2009

I just started it today.

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makes you happier after a while. It takes a bit though. Mere presence of a precursor will not automatically stimulate serotonin production.

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Yep yep yep.

My friends and I always take it after rolling to ease the comedown. Seems to help.

Then I started taking it as a daily supplement. The first day it made me supper uppity and hyper. But then I calmed down.

And I agree with @TaoSan, but maybe placebo effect?

I don’t know why I stopped taking it, I still have some, I should again…

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@TaoSan yea, I’m not expecting anything automatic

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@aviona What do you mean by “rolling” and “comedown”?

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Taking ecstasy…and coming down from it

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Yeah, I used to use it to preload before doing MDMA and then, like @aviona, for a few days afterwards to assist the sponge-cake replenish them diminished neurotransmitters.

I take it occasionally, if ever I remember to pick up a bottle here or there when I’m buy vitamins.

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I love that stuff! I miss it!!! I can’t find it anywhere since they discovered that it was destroying people’s livers.

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@loser that was just one batch a while ago. what’d you love about it?

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Wait, it’s back?!! Why did no one tell me?!!

It made me feel a lot calmer. Not like drugged, just calmer. Great stuff!!!

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