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Are there any terms of endearment family or friends have for you that make you blush (or cringe)

Asked by VzzBzz (2784points) March 30th, 2009

Example: Fuzzy Little Man Peach

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My sister-in-law (who happens to be Sueanne Tremendous here on Fluther) adds a “y” and a rhyming work do my name. I used to cringe, now it’s just who I am to her and I love it.

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My mother-in-law used to do a deliberately weird misspelling of my name. It irritated the heck out of me. She insisted it was “her” special name for me. I thought it was a fitting expression of her passive-aggressive nature.

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damn…that should read and a rhyming word to my name

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@Jeruba: Did she stop misspelling your name or stop being your mother-in-law?

My name is Katharine and I had an uncle who used to call me Katariiiiiiiiiina. It was sweet when we were among family but I suspect it would have been very embarrassing in front of my friends. He died a few years ago and I miss hearing him call me that.

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@KatawaGrey, after a while she made a production of stopping the misspelling: “I know you don’t like it the way I wrote it, so I spelled it right on this card.” The aggrieved tone made it sound as if I ought to apologize for having the wrong name. But maybe I just imagined that.

She stopped being my mother-in-law when she died.

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still after 40 years, my family still calls me “Little Johnny” my father is John

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@Jeruba: I am sorry that she is dead, but I have known people who have been like that. It is very annoying and there’s not much you can say without looking like the bad guy.

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Oh yeah, too many to mention here! ;)

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I luff my fuzzy little man peach.

My mom calls me Boopers. And sometimes Monkey Nuts (it’s a family joke).

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My sister and I call each other “twen.” I heart it so much. Her and my other sister also call me ‘mandas.”

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Ha! Another great VzzBzz question – damn you! ;-)
My s/o – in the first few months of our relationship – used to call me “Honey Bun.”
I really didn’t like that term (don’t know why – just bothered me) and I finally told him.
Now it’s “sweat meat” only because we both saw a “Kathy and Mo” skit where Kathy plays a male redneck and calls the woman he’s drinking with “sweet meat” – we thought that was freakin heelareyuos – so he started using it. I’m ok with that lol
btw – here’s one of their skits – from “Parallel Lives” I thionk the whole show is out on dvd – it’s GREAT!

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@KalWest: wonderful brother, wondeful :) thank you for the link as well as your story

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