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Please Fluther! Just put me out of my misery from this bee sting!

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) October 19th, 2009

After school today, I got stung by a bee. On the neck. Like right around the area of my jugular vein. I’m not allergic to bee stings, but the area around where I was stung has swelled into a line, almost like a varicose vein. The area of the sting doesn’t hurt too much, but I feel really tired and I have a splitting head ache. I just took some Tylenol and I’m going to lay down for a nap. Can anyone recommend any kind of home remedies for bee stings?

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Home remedy: Lavender

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I heard that Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer is great for wasp stings, anyone know if it’s good for bee stings too?

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Was it a bee or a yellow jacket? Is the line moving? If the line gets longer then call the hospital ASAP otherwise don’t worry about as swelling is typical of stings.

Bee sting home remedy:
1. One you might actually try is using mud.
2. One you might not try but is effective is snot.
3. Another one that works is tree sap.

For any of the above just put on sting. They use the snot for babies a lot, lol.

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i heard of cutting an onion in half and applying it to the sting

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When I’d get stung as a kid, my mom would put vinegar on it.

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Does anyone in your family smoke or chew tobacco?

I small glob of moistened cigarette tobacco or snuff (about the size of the welt) will draw that shit out.

I’ve done it and no, I’m not fucking with you. It works.

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My mom made a baking soda and water paste. I don’t remember if it actually helped. But you should have some in the fridge or freezer and it can’t hurt trying.

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Putting ice on it might help…

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I second the baking soda paste. I’ve also heard of @Blondesjon‘s suggestion. Hope you feel better soon!

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Do you have any benadryl or claritin? Either can help.

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