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Am I Going Blind?

Asked by ShanSlumbers (34points) March 31st, 2009

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was little and lately I’ve been seeing “bubbles” which everyone keeps telling me are floaters, but they seem to not leave. I don’t know if its because I’m outside when I notice the bubbles or if something is wrong with my sight.

Next week I have Spring Break and my mom is supposed to be making an appointment for the eye doctor, but I wanted to see if anyone knew whats going on before I go. thanks!

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Any other symptoms?

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I’ve had a floater in my left eye for as long as I can remember, and I am very slightly near sighted. As of yet, I haven’t gone blind. I can also only see it when I’m outside, and it slides in and out of my vision. You should be okay.

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These are either bundles of protein within your eye or optical artifacts. They have these awesome tests now that will map your eye and tell you all about what is going on. You will be amazed.

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In the future you will have cataracts.

Don’t worry though, it could be next year or fifty years. It is unavoidable, so don’t worry about it, and they can be removed in-office by a laser in just a few minutes.

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@ShanSlumbers Now now. I think @DrBill was just providing some insight. Plus, apparently they can be removed in several minutes. I mean, it’s not like (s)he is saying ((s)he hopes) they will die in a car crash or something.

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It is scientific fact that (if you live long enough) everyone will get cataracts. The floaters are caused by the cataract in the very early stages of development.

There is no way (yet) to stop them at this point, there is also no way to predict how long the development will take. Mine took 32 years.

They did one eye on Monday, the other on Tuesday, I went back to work on Wednesday. Simple, quick, and no pain at all. They even fixed it so I no longer wear glasses.

@mirifique DrBill = Male

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My eye doctor said that if that happened to contact the doctor right away. It has something to do with the retina. Where is shilolo? hHe’s our medical expert! I wouldn’t wait until next week if I were you.

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@Judi: I’ve had a floater forever, and my eye doctor knows and has never done anything about it or expressed any concern….

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I once knew a girl in high school who swore that floaters she saw were magical orbs that protected her from demons. I wonder what happened to her…

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@TitsMcGhee ; But this is a sudden change. That’s different than the occasional floater. I think she said it could be a symptom of a detached retina, but I am not sure.

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@Judi: I guess that is different… Who knows.

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My doctor told me that floaters are just bits of dead blood cells that float around in the retina. Eventually they break down and are reabsorbed in the body.

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