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Had the internet not been invented, what would you have probably been doing now?

Asked by Zen (7748points) April 2nd, 2009

I know I’d be reading more, and spending more time with nature.

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Watching television.

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Reading comic books.

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Working out how to create the internet :P

Na, read, working, out or almost anything else I do when not on the internet.

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Masterbating, probably

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Teaching music.

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If it wasn’t raining at the moment, I’d be outside.

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Calling Al Gore, and asking when he planned to invent it. ;-)

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Reading, writing music, spending time in nature, spending time with others.

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Organizing/cleaning. It’s my next favorite pastime after surfing the inter tubes.

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Crocheting, probably. I’m trying really hard not to unpack my laptop and play Warcraft while at work today, like I do every day. Maybe I’ll start a new scarf or work on the ornaments I want to sell this Christmas season :)

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Probably watching TV, or reading, or beading….who knows?! :D
Oh, or maybe even eating…

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Print media, probably graphic design of some type, would be my career.

I’d be going to the library a lot more! I imagine most of my hobbies would remain the same (quilting, music), apart from the obviously internet related ones such as coding up a new web app.

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Reading or quilting probably. Those are the two activities I most enjoyed before the internet (and the failing eyesight…)

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Spending a lot more time with each patient… which would be counterproductive….

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Window shopping, more crosswords, more books, a fresh pedicure.

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At this moment I’d probably be working on the house/cleaning it. And preparing food. Both things I desperately need to do but can’t seem to find time for, lol.

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Reading, sleeping or watching TV.

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Can i change my answer to raising puppies?

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Reading more and I’d definitely be more focused on my languages. And I might still be into BMX or other such sports.

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that’s an interesting question. Because when i think about it, many of the people im good friends with now, even my boyfriend, i met through networking, and talked to much more over the internet. If i didn’t have it to interact with them, i probably would be in a completely different situation.
if i didnt have it i would most likely be sitting at home watching home improvement like the old days

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Painting, sketching, practicing guitar some more, or reading.
Same as now, only more often.

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Annoying people with my endless questions.

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my my my…everithing would have been so different!!
i would have been…gosh…maybe learning how to sew!! hehehehehe
lol* :D

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