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Has Facebook's new layout changed how you use it regularly?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) April 3rd, 2009

I have pretty much abandoned the news feed (except to check for birthdays and the friend finder.

I now go to the Friends page and read all my friends’ updates there every day. If I want to comment or like a status, I’ll open their page in tabs.

Do you have any new habits with the new Facebook layout? How do you deal with the massive news feed now? I guess that question is geared for people with more than, say, 100 friends.

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I’m finding it a little overwhelming, and use it less than before. Perhaps I need to tweak the settings and pare down friends…some people post too much.

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Somethings are great somethings just drive me nuts.

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I can’t stand the news feed. I don’t need to see 23 posts in a row about someone hiding an Easter Egg on someone else’s profile. Like @AlfredaPrufock said, I need to tweak the settings. I think there’s a way to filter what you see in that newsfeed, but I haven’t tried to figure it out yet.

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At first I was really annoyed with the news feed because of the many ridiculous quiz results, but it has helped a lot that they made it easy to hide these items.

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I love the new news feed. I can easily filter it to create lists of people who I want to view, and cycle between those with ease. I have a group for family, for college friends, for old school friends, and one list of people I love to hear from no matter what. It makes it much easier to manage the news feed compared to last version when you only could hear more or less from user X and not filter them at all.

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I’m pretty sure all I do is play the bejeweled application now.

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