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They keep putting out huge lies like that because they know that the majority of people won’t bother to dig any deeper and check the facts.

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Frustration about the lost election. Envy of Obama’s outstanding performance and his excellent reputation in the rest of the world.

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Because it works for them.

If lying my face off worked for me, I’d probably do it too. Especially when I know I can’t win by being honest.

Okay, that’s a lie, I’d probably have these weird moral issues about lying my face off.

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More people should mark this a great question. And to answer: because it’s what they are paid to say. That or it’s what Rush Limbaugh told them to say, but Rush gets paid by the same people they get paid by.

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Do you really believe it’s only the Republicans that tell huge lies? I’d suggest getting your head out of the sand. We have been lied to by damn near everybody from out local Mayors, our Governors, our bankers, our lawyers and even our teachers and clergy. Republicans? You want to pin lying on Republicans? We are in worse shape than I thought

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@The_unconservative_one – Primarily, they have nothing else to go on. They have always done this (and yes, most politicians from either side DO interpret things in a way that serves their position. But one thing the Republicans have seemed to perfect is the fascist ideal that if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth. Look at the Bush Administration. They KNEW the yellowcake uranimum lie was a lie, but Bush went in front of the nation and told everyone, because that was his agenda…he knew the people wouldn’t support an invasion of Iraq if they didn’t feel threatened, so CONSTANTLY the administration was talking about WMDs that didn’t exist, ties to Al Qaida that didn’t exist, and scaring the shit out of people by saying things like, “the smoking gun could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”

Why do they do it…because it FUCKING WORKS! The is NO way that nearly half the country, if they knew the truth, would vote in the Republicans they’ve elected. What they HAVE to do now if their party is even to survive (because people actually FINALLY realized they were being fed bullshit), is to crap all over EVERYTHING that Obama does, make it look like they fought his every move every step of the way, and hope he fails (which would be because of the shitstorm he inherited if anything).

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@TheLoneMonk Your logic here is severely flawed. Asking why the repubs tell ridiculously asinine lies like this one is not the same as claiming they are the only ones who lie. Who ever claimed anything of the sort? Must you use diversion and distraction when you don’t have an appropriate answer? The point is, the Repukes Republicans have told some of the most egregious, and ridiculous lies in order to cover the fact that they are completely devoid of new ideas. What’s even more amazing about this is their lies are usually easily debunked if with only the tiniest amount of fact checking.

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@dalepetrie As usual, your analysis is spot on.

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