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What do you think of people living in Alabama?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) April 3rd, 2009

Do you really think all of us run around wearing sleeveless, flannel shirts and a big, goofy smile with several teeth missing? Just curious!

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Well, since I live in West Virginia, I certainly won’t be judging you all. :)

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No, I don’t think that. But I don’t think I would want to live there. Weather there is not really my favorite and it’s a little too conservative for me…

I believe it was Alabama where those British guys from that British car show almost got beaten up by a group of guys at a gas station for having pro-homosexual things on their car. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that could happen in Eastern California.

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Oh, of course. I mean, in Oklahoma we all are totally nomads chillin in teepees, so why wouldn’t you guys be a bunch of rednecks?


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Only in the summertime… j/k
I’ve got relatives in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Virginia and West Virginia so…

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People live there?

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No- not at all. Unfortunately, somewhere out in the world, someone does think this about Alabama.

I’m in North Carolina…evidently, that means I love tobacco and racing. Yes, someone truly said that to me.

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@ru2bz46 smarty pants! :)

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Yes, I do. Because, as a NYer, I know that every single NYer fits that stereotype. So it must be true of every other stereotype, as well!

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Well, these comments make me feel much better! Yes, people do live here believe it or not. However, I don’t think it was their choice, it’s one of those unfortunate things you’re born into. I often wonder where people get this idea when I’m walking around my school’s campus (Univ. of South Alabama) and only see a couple of people in cowboy boots, no flannel though, thank God. It’s really not too bad except the weather is VERY humid! Pretty miserable in August especially! However like one said, it is very conservative, we are the bible belt for sure!

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I’ve been to a number of southern states, and I’ve had family living in them, and some of my best friends come from them. I have great respect for all of these people. Of course, I still don’t know anyone from Alabama, though.

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ru2bz, the commercial was perfect! Actually, many of the older, middle aged dead beats hang out at the bowling alley and many of the women, sadly enough, look similar to the doll! I try to avoid them at all costs partially b/c of said women, and also b/c I feel like I may develop cancer and cough up a lung if I am in their for any length of time.

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My best memory of Alabama was Mobile Mardi Gras ‘84

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I heard people from Alabama are made of candy and can fly!

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@lisaj89 I like to bowl, but I don’t very often for the same reasons. At least in California, people can’t smoke anywhere that might someday be visited by someone else, so lung cancer isn’t such a concern.

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awww man, that would be so cool.

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@timeand_distance You mean it’s not true?? Maybe that was people from New Mexico…

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Yea, Mardi Gras is pretty awesome! Most people don’t know this, but Mardi Gras actually originated in little ol’ Mobile, AL with Joe Cain. Like most everything in Alabama, it is pretty harmless and much safer than the parades in New Orleans. However, after the floats are gone and the kids at home and in bed, the real festivities begin! The parades aren’t great but they leave behind a very festive vibe. Yes, we do have clubs in Alabama!

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Much like the Louisiana question I once answered. I state the same thing: to be honest…I never actually think about Alabama, or its citizens.

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I never think about Alabama. Except I have two HS friends there.

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My dad and his wife have lived in Alabama for the past few years. They seem to like it well enough, and I’ve never heard either of them complain about the native Alabamians. I think they like the weather for most of the year, especially when they call me in January to tell me it’s 65 degrees.

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Nope, I think one is you is pretty fantastic, and I like him very, very much.

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Roll Tide! I can spit in Alabama from my backyard in Tennessee. You can still smoke in restaurants in Bama so Alabama smokers are a deviant bunch. You want to catch a bunch of fish find you a good ole boy from Alabama and you will catch more fish than you ever have. The skaters in Alabama keep it raw at the Huntsville skatepark. People from Alabama grow and eat the best peaches in the world. They are better than Georgia peaches. Chilton County Alabama Peaches are the best.

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Are you on Alabama’s payroll, buster?

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Buster! Long time, no see. Welcome back!

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Well, as a rule, I’d assume that they work or study or have family there…. call me weird! :)

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