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When you masturbate what are you typically thinking about? Or watching/reading?

Asked by willbrawn (6603points) April 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

Are you having a fantasy, reading a hot book or story when the urge strikes? Bored and watch porn?

What gets you off or helps along the process?

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i just concentrate on how good it feels. orgasms rock!

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@a_beaverhausen ya I do that sometimes.

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I think a lot of times the mood hits me at night. And I have a laptop that provides a window to the world.

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Watching porn, reading porn, fantasizing about a woman I’m interested in, or talking to someone “fun” on the phone or IMing them. It’s all the fantasy for me. Fantasy makes me rock hard. Pure feeling doesn’t. OK obviously I’m up past my bedtime or I wouldn’t be saying this.

El_Cadejo's avatar is hands down the best site :)

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I think about sex with women. Hot ones.

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Come on observers, we all know you masturbate too

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I’m a mental type of girl. Save the porn for someone else.

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Good porn

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I think I’m more mental as well. I’ll find something that starts my thoughts going then my fantasy kicks in.

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A lot of it for me is mental, so I have to be thinking of something. It always involves my husband, and one specific thing that I cannot share. it’s private!

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This Happy Tree Friends deep throat video really gets me off! Giggles is hot!

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I don’t like Happy Tree Friends…lol

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So far, I have to think about a real life person I’m attracted to in order for anything to happen. Celebrities, porn people- doesn’t work well for me. When I’m involved with an SO then it’s about them and if I’m single then it’s usually a sexy co worker. I’m also answering as if you mean masturbation in the sense of all alone time otherwise it’s a shared sex play activity.

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Depends on mood. Sometimes porn, though it bores me mostly. Sometimes I just have a quick hard mental fuck with no one in particular. Other times I think about a special person. Foreplay and all.

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I just imagine myself having sex with someone.

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i have 680 gig’s of pornography on one of my drives, i think that answers your question….

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A picture of Janet Reno.

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I have this obsession with Marky Mark and I don’t know why…so I either think about him or someone in real life who i’m interested in.

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being in a submissive situation like at the doctor’s office. sometimes being tied or strapped down to a table. not being hurt but definitely being at someone’s mercy. to me, that’s hot.

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pornstars, goth chicks

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Sometimes porn, but usually I just think about girls. As much as I like guys, girls really get me hot. The little noises, smells, taste, feel of their skin. Sometimes I think about a guy and another girl too.

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I concentrate more on the feeling than any external aid. I find it distracting to be watching or reading porn (not that I don’t, but once the actual act gets down to it, I’m not going to pay attention to any of that. I’d rather just have sex though, so when I’m alone, I’m usually thinking about whomever I’d like to be having sex with right then. I don’t really think about celebrities though, because it’s not realistic enough for me. Right now, I’d be thinking about this bartender who kinda looks like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and thinks I’m pretty :D

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A little music some candles and this.

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2 women and myself or me and SO with another guy. ;)

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I’m surprised by your question willb.
As I’m sure you know – masturbation is a sin.
And according to your post in another thread – you seem to follow a strict religious “lifestyle.”
Here’s the post I’m referring to:

“Homosexuality is a sin and not approved by God because its carnal. We are suppose to put off the natural man and let our spirits control our bodies, not let them run free.

Also homeosexuality, does not allow children to come into the world. He come into this world to recieve a body and to be tested. And in order to do that, man and woman need to have children. It frustrates God’s plan. And weither you like it or not, God ways our higher than ours.”

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fuck plans, LIVE YOUR LIfe!

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Don’t you know that every sperm is sacred.;)
From the Meaning of Life

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The imagination of what @kileegrl just posted.

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If you pass judgment on the judgmental, doesn’t that make you judgmental?

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sometimes i also think about past boyfriends fucking me really hard.

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daddy like :)

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@jca at the same time ?

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