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What to talk about in a college essay about diversity ?

Asked by raeq (13points) November 24th, 2007

the topic for the essay is ‘how would you benefit and contribute from a diverse environment ’. Also how should one start a college essay?

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Is this an admissions essay? If it is, then maybe you could talk about your family’s traditions and how they’re different from other families’ traditions…also talk about learning about different cultures from various international students and such.

As to how one should start an essay, I’m not sure about college ones, but starting with an attention-getter is always a good idea…make sure you have a paragraph’s worth of introduction, and also have a thesis that the rest of your paper focuses on. :)

Good luck!

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Sorry, accidental double answer :(

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If discussing diversity is too difficult to manage in a college essay (especially keeping in mine that the essay has to be about YOU in its heart and soul) then just talk about what makes you a good candidate for the school. They want to know what you can offer them—so, for instance, my essay on the same prompt was about bringing my leadership ability within an arts community to the college. (It’s slightly clichéd, I know—everyone has leadership ability these days. You can do better!)

As far as starting an essay… well, start the same as you would any piece of writing really. Start out strong. Essay readers go through a lot of these and if you don’t grab their attention with something interesting and different, they go through very quickly. If you want the essay reader to linger on yours for a little while, then make sure you start strongly and they’ll read a little more carefully. There’s no one particular way to start, but starting with an anecdote is a tried and true technique.

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by the way, I’ll proofread that essay for you when you’re done with it if you want me to.

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thanks jei but the deadline is information 4 days so i think i’ll go with my own judgement for thiss one college essay

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In an ever-changing world, diversity is at the highest point it has ever been. People of different backgrounds, races, ages, sex, and/or religion are needed to provide better performance overall in the workplace, our schools, and/or our communities, etc. Working in a diverse organization prepares you for all real world situations, and allows you to understand the difference between you and people that are different from you. Therefore, I feel that I should be awarded the Diversity Fellowship because I would be an asset to your graduate program and I display moral character, excellent work ethics, and have a bubbling personality which fits the very definition of diversity in itself.

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