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Can you not have a birth certificate?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) April 5th, 2009

This question has bothered me lately, say you were born in a house, no doctors around, it was all a home birth. How do you get your birth certificate? How is that taken care of?

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You have to apply for it. I know we filled out forms at my hospital, but had to wait for the actual birth certificate to come in the mail for my son.

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you will have to go to the health department and fill out some forms to receive one.

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I was born on my mom’s friend’s couch. We just went to the hospital the after the ice storm cleared up to make sure we were both ok and my mom filled out all that paper work there. When I turned 18, I changed my last name and I still have yet to send in for a new birth certificate. I just haven’t needed one so I don’t have one at this point in time.

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heres another thing, couldn’t you lie about your age when you go to fill out forms to receive one? for example your parents were some immature freaks, they decided to say your 23 or so, how do they validate your REAL age without anyone but yourself being there to witness it, or are they actually just relying on your trust?

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@bluedoggiant you need a birth certificate to receive a social security card. people don’t realize how important a birth certificate is. why would parents lie?

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I realize how important it is, which is why I’m asking if one could lie.
Say…you were an accident… born to a couple who are always high, drunk, uneducated etc.

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@casheroo actually, I got a social security card without my birth certificate. I just sent them a notarized copy of my name change form.

@bluedoggiant You can kinda tell the age of people by how they look. If they’re six foot tall, they are more than likely over the age of 12. Babies are easier to tell too especially right out of the womb because they have to become hardened adjusted to their new environment.

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Say it was an old looking baby?
Im just asking..the what if case scenarios.

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Newborn. Two month old. See what I mean?

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@Randy oh, you don’t have a birth certificate? how did you attend school? elementary schools require proof of birth, social security number is not enough. also, i didn’t need anything for my name change on my social security card either, i went in person and showed them my ID and told them my ssn. That’s different.

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There are many cases where a person has to obtain their birth certificate after the birth. It requires notifying the state, and they have the forms to fill out using the “best” information available. Sometimes there is no proof of exactly where or when it occurred.

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No, I had one then but as I mentioned in my first response, after I turned 18, I legally changed my last name and never sent off to get my new one. I’m 22 now and have yet to need it. Usually my social security card and/or my driver’s license gets the job done. =)

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@Randy Yes, I understand that..I had a name change as well. I meant get your social security card for the first time. You have to give them proof of birth in the US for that. My hospital had us fill out forms there, and took care of it all for our son.
Homebirth babies would mean the parents doing it all themselves. No biggie.

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@bluedoggiant My dad was born December 13 but his birth certificate has December 12 on it, my grandma messed up when she was filling it out. So, to answer your question, even though my grandma didn’t intentionally lie it is possible to have a faux birthdate on your birth certificate.

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we filled out the forms at the hospital when our daughter was born so the state does have record of her birth but we don’t actually have her birth certificate…we have to apply to the town where she was born & send them a fee before we can get the certificate…2 of my grandmas didn’t have birth certificates & it caused a lot of problems when the got older & needed nursing home care.

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@futurecopgirl That cleared things up for me, thanks

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I needed it for my passport and overseas travel: visas for China, Japan. My kids needed one for passports and extended stays overseas. I know someone who need it to join the army. Other than that, it just sits in a file drawer.
Maybe it will be useful for medical reasons in the future when everyone has DNA testing as a matter of course.

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@Lupin I understand that, but with an incorrect age, you could maybe get away with something.

I know its also needed in swimming so that you don’t state your 10 years old when your 15 years old and kick ass.

Is there any law protecting this?

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It’s not like anyone would really question the fact of you being born :0

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In today’s world, some people have looked through the public records, and sent for birth certificates of people who have died, then passed themselves off as someone else. It’s apparently very easy.

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