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How do you search for questions that have been asked on Fluther?

Asked by tnatwo14 (182points) April 6th, 2009

To avoid asking a question that may have already been asked and answered. Maybe I’m blind, but I’m new to the site, and I haven’t found how yet.

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First of all, there are the topics. On the home page, look at the list of topics on the lower right of the page.

Often, questions are re-asked, and allowed. With just a subtle change, or a different spin. I find it depends a lot on the details section of the question: if you explain your take on the subject you are asking, or express your need for the answer, the mods will allow it even though it may have been asked in the past.

Truthfully, I don’t think that there are any new questions, just as there isn’t anything really new under the sun. It’s all recycled, with a new package and twist.

Read others’ questions, and you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

And welcome to fluther.


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There is a search box in the upper right-hand corner, too. I’d like to add my welcome to you, as well. :)

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Don’t be intimidated by users that like to point out if a question is, TO THEM, a duplicate. They mean well but they don’t always understand how your question is different then the past ones.

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Try typing “MIlo” in the search box. That will bring up all the cat- or pet-related questions (and will also make Milo very happy.)

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