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What are some of the things that you loved and now miss about your last ex?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 6th, 2009

Seems as though 2009 has been tough year for some of us here.

Maybe, you grew apart. Maybe, they were a douche….

I miss the shared humor, the conversations, the intimacy/closeness, the little kisses that I’d give on her back first thing in the morning, those gorgeous brown eyes of her, her lips, her playful ways, how charming she was, the way that I could just hold her and feel as though we were the only ones on earth, the way that she’d salsa like no one’s business (the girl could move her hips). I love of music, art and slowly feeding her Paradiso Anejo by way of a tiny shot glass and the fabulous sex.
But, remember, for some, they still ended up being a douche.

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MrGV's avatar Ex becomes a nobody once they are labeled ’“ex”; it goes against man law to even think of them.

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The sex. Best (s)ex I ever had.

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Their humour. This goes for most of my exes, actually. I usually miss their humour the most. Or their weird little quirks that no one else does.

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* His mind- he gave me a little notebook and a pen so I could jot down so many books and references of interest from our conversation.
* The energy and melding between us even in silence. With him, I felt secure and encouraged to be the woman I most wanted to be and in my eyes he became the man I measured all others to.

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He was so not ruminative, although he is extremely intelligent and talented. He lived in the moment. I suspect he does still. He was an adventurous guy; just a live wire. It was fascinating to be around him and I always learned something in our conversations. He was very gentle with me and he didn’t judge me nearly as hard as I judged myself. I still have one of his pieces decorating my flat.

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Humor. Great sex. Cute butt/body in general. Intimacy—even scrubbing each other’s backs in the shower. His glasses.

:sigh: pretty much everything. Even the stuff that pissed me off at the time…

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The fact that I was still 20 when we broke up and now I’m 58! (I miss my youth.)

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He did our taxes;
He took care of car purchases and maintenance.
He took stuff to the dump
He dug holes for me.
He could talk roof shingles, plumber and electrician.

But guess who learned how to do all of the above?

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I had just as much fun with him staying in and watching reruns of the x files as I did going out and doing something. I miss that.

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I miss the mental connection. We could drive along without speaking, then suddenly we’d both point at something in unison and look at each other and not even have to tell each other what we thought about it. Best sex imaginable. Her sense of humor, and the way she could create and relate a whole new scene based on known characters (such as Star Trek, or family members); she’d have me rolling on the floor. Her ability to dig in and make a situation better, even when all seemed lost.

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Being entertained for hours… just doing nothing.

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I believed in love (for me) again and trusted enough to pledge my future to him when he asked for me.

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