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I need a hotel recommendation (and other recommendations) for a romantic trip to Montreal over X-mas?

Asked by mwolfe (2points) November 26th, 2007
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I really liked the Cinerobotheque, which is basically the Canadian National Film Archives. If you and your sweetie are into film at all, you can pay by the hour to sit in comfy chairs together and watch shorts, documentaries or features that cute little robots have to fetch for you. Haven’t you always wanted a robot to do your bidding?

Learn more about Montreal’s Cinerobotheque at:

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We stayed at the Hôtel Le St-James in Old Montreal. Breathtaking stay. If it fits your budget, your sweetie will be awestruck:

Montreal is a fabulous city for just walking and enjoying. Though the weather could be a bit of a challenge this time of year. There is the underground city however! If time allows, add a day or two to Québec City. You’ll feel like you are in Paris.

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