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How can I make new friends ?

Asked by kayysamm (435points) April 7th, 2009

I transferred to a new school int he beginning of the year. I made a nice group of friends that I have now. But I don’t want to have just those friends. I like new friends. What can I do to myself more approachable? Or a better way to make new friends ?

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Are there any clubs or societies you can join?

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There are a few clubs but its so late in the year that it is hard to join now. I was a wrestler manager though and the friends I got out of that were all guys who wanted to fuck me. So that didnt help.

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Well, since joining clubs isn’t an option. Just try talking to different people in your classes. Once you start talking you could discover common interests and maybe develop a friendship.

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smile alot, go to them, just try and be funny, and be nice, be urself.

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: ) i do like smiling lol.

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lol(: and thats good because they will notice, hmmmm, she is always smiling she must be kinda fun.

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I do like to have fun. I think it’s because in school im always so bored so im quite.

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make things ineresting, dont be stupid, but crack a joke every now and then, if its a boring day, make eye contact with people and smile at them.

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Ah, tomorrow i am trying this.

If it doesnt work ill hold a 12gauge to their head. JUST KIDDDDDDING !

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hahahhaa(: that could work to, be my friend or i blow ur brains out lol. it should work, be outgoing(:

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:) ill try soemthign along those lines lol

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you can get involved in after school sports or something like that. Just walk up to ppl and be like hi i’m so and so lol (sorry idk ur name) and be super outgoing.

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