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If you had to give up one of your senses, which would it be? Which would you absolutely HAVE to keep?

Asked by hitomi (1137points) April 7th, 2009

This has been a long standing discussion in my family and I am curious about where others stand. One key to this is to include the WHY – so please don’t just say the senses!

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cuz of photography

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I would give up my sense of smell. I’m too addicted to the taste of food, the ability to hear music and other pleasurable sounds, the myriad tactile sensations of touch, and the ability to see so many excellent things that life has to offer.

Here are some further perspectives on this very topic.

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I don’t think I can answer this…

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Oh, god… Yeah. I have no idea. I don’t think I can answer, either.

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which…just shows us how lucky we are!

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I lost my sense of smell a while ago. This in turn has messed with my tastebuds. I mean not totally, but it comes and goes. The only downside is sometimes I know I’m missing out on flavors. But, I guess if I had to lose one of my senses it would be taste. I can’t imagine being without sight, touch, or hearing.

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I would give up my sense of pain or nociception so skateboard slams don’t hurt. I would definitely keep my sense of balance or vestibular sense so I could walk around and not slam on my skateboard so much.

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@buster haha…good answer, guess I should have specified the 5 main senses

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Let’s not forget our sense of humor. :D

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Okay, let me think. I don’t think I could give up my sight – never see my husband or kids? No way. Sound – oh boy. Clearly, you haven’t heard my daughter when she laughs. Touch – oh man. To never feel my husband’s hands, again? Taste – oh my….give up my mom’s homemade buttermilk chocolate expresso cake? ACK!

….you know, I’m just stopping now. I can’t pick one. I can’t. Tonight I am just way too selfish!

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@jonsblond I think some people have already given that up…I never would!

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i can def give up taste or smell

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Touch, I could not give up the sense of touch and being touched. If I was forced to give up one my senses it would probably be hearing.

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i wouldnt give up anything, im not like that

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Common Sense. It’s the only one that holds me back.

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I’d give up my ESP and keep the other five :)

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Fuck that, I love my ESP. My friends (one in particular) read each other’s minds all the time.

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Damn this is hard… I love food so that rules out taste and smell but touch I would miss just hugging people or kissing my girl. Then seeing I would fall over more stuff and I would only be able to afford the cheap seeing eye dog… The wiener dog. And hearing well that would make my several hundred cd/album collection of thousands of songs worthless…. Hmm I guess taste… Because in therory smell makes up a large part of “taste”

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my sense of smell has diminished over the years, making it hard to discern subtle flavors (because smell and taste are tightly intertwined) but the one sense I could never give up is sight. Never to see a beautiful woman again? Gads, what a horror that would be. I’d rather lose my hearing than my sight.

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@Deathcabforhottie don’t throw away your CD collection just yet. A deaf person can enjoy music, it just has to be loud enough for him/her to perceive the vibrations.

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I’d give up my sense of embarrassment and keep my sense of humor.


If it were my faculties I’d keep sight and give up smell. Site is important because it is my livelihood (web dude) and I enjoy so many visual things (and the scratch-and-sniff internet never took off).

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I would say I could give up taste no problem. I would def miss it but atleast eating healthy wouldn’t be a problem anymore. And I would def want to keep touch, I couldn’t imagine never feeling another person again.

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I could go without any one of them, I think. I’m already partially deaf in one ear, I’m currently losing sight in one eye, I have a mucus-retaining cyst that takes up the entire left side of my face and has negative effects on my hearing (in the ear that wasn’t already partially damaged), smell and taste. And I hate being touched, so I don’t know how much it would bother me if I couldn’t feel it.

Er. But if I had to pick a favorite sense, I’d probably pick touch. I’m really sensitive to different kinds of fabrics and stuff like that. I like touching inanimate objects.

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I would never give up hearing. My job, and my sanity, depend on it. Taste might be the least disruptive, but I would miss it so much. Please don’t make me choose.

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At this point in life – I could lose my vision – I would miss it but at least I can picture things in my head – colors, faces, etc. I absolutely could NOT give up hearing – the thought of living without music… I simply could NOT do it. Touch… I am Very tactile and I can’t imagine not being able to Touch and Feel my Heart. Taste – I absolutely Love foods and wines so that would be horrible.

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I would either give up my sense of smell or my hearing. I don’t think smell is as important as taste, and I can’t think of any life debilitating consequences. As long as I have the taste aspect of it, I’ll be fine. The other sense I could live without is taste, it would help keep my weight low.
I could not live without sight! It seems the most important to me, and would probably make life the hardest and least enjoyable without.

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