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Anyone Know Where To Find Architectural Book On Castles?

Asked by TheKNYHT (686points) April 8th, 2009

I’ve looked online, at various bookstores web sites, even went to a library or two; I can’t quite find what I’m looking for. A book that shows diagrams/floor plans of Medieval and Renaissance period castles, palaces, churches with detailed schematics, and a glossary of terms regarding the various rooms, compartments, etc. of such buildings

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Dover books offer some options. Not sure if they are exactly what you are looking for, but I did see a few there about castles.

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If you aren’t insulted by a suggestion of a children’s book, there was a series of GREAT book I read as a kid. It has the parts of the castle and opaque, pull-away pages that let you see “into” the castle via cross-sections. I’ll try and figure out what they were called. But if a kid’s book is not for you, let me know.

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My mum says this is the one. But I obviously can’t see if it has the pull away pages from here. Still, the reviews are at least complimentary.

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David Macaulay rocks!

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you might want to check out barnes and noble. i think they have a section just for that kind of stuff.

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@EmpressPixie: Are you thinking of the fantastic Eyewitness Series from Dorling-Kindersley?

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@PupnTaco: I think so, but I’m hesitant to say yes for sure. When I was a kid, the covers were all bragging about the pull pack feature (which was freakin’ awesome). Now, of course, they are less enthusiastic about it.

Still, I think the one I linked to is probably more in line with the Q. When I was younger it was the boring, too factual book. Now it would be the awesome, factual book with great illustrations. I just wasn’t into black and white as a kid.

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The architecture book store

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@EmpressPixie certainly not offended in the least. If the material is accurate, as this one seems to be, I’m all for it and will look into it. Thank you!
And for all the help from you folks, much appreciated. X D

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