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Plant connaisseurs, I just bought some liquid plant food (Miracle Grow) and I need some help, please?

Asked by Jude (32162points) April 8th, 2009

I have just started picking up a few small indoor plants for my apartment. The plan is to get some bigger ones in the next few weeks. So far, I have a few African Violets, an Angel wing begonia, and the cutest lil’ Shamrock plant that you eva’ did see (I love how it ‘goes to sleep at night”). Not sure if some of these plants even need the plant food. Do you all have any advice, tips or things that I should know (do’s/don’ts) when it comes to plant food?

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First, be careful not to over-fertilize, as the roots can get nitrogen burn and this will affect the overall health and appearance of your plants.

The African Violet is actually a very difficult plant to keep alive, from what I hear, lots of people struggle with getting them to thrive. For what it’s worth, I had one a long time ago and it was so happy… I was a lackadaisical plant mommy and found by accident that the key was to pretty much neglect it (i.e. do not water a lot).

As for the others.. what kind of soil are they in now? Are they still in the store-bought pots? Small, medium, or large?

If they’re in small pots and you foresee having to repot them soon, I would just invest in some Miracle Gro potting soil (easy and gives you 3 months until you’ll need your plant food). Or if you get a non-fertilized potting soil, follow the directions on the container of MG plant food. It should tell you how often and how much to use.

Yes, plants need feeding periodically, particularly potted plants. This is because the plant will eventually exhaust the nutrients in the soil with no natural way to replenish them (rainwater, plant matter decomposition, etc.).

Lastly, what kind of plant it is makes a difference where growing conditions are concerned. Some like lots of water, others not so much. The ones that get watered a lot will lose more nitrogen than the ones getting watered less. Nutrients required are also determined by the type of plant. The best thing to do is figure out what plants you have and look up their preferred conditions.

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I’ve had the African Violets for a few months now and so far so good. I’m getting better with the draining of the water (in the dish), so, the plants don’t sit in it and, also, cleaning them up a bit (picking off the dead flowers). I learned that from my Grandma who was forever pinching off the dead flowers of all of her plants (and anyone else’s (family), if they would let her). Anyway, they both look quite healthy with gorgeous purple flowers. All of the plants are small and I got them from a nursery. Most are still in their store bought pots. The soil, to me, looks like regular old potting soil.

When I get the “big boys” in the next few weeks, (if needed), I may come to you for a bit more help. Thanks, though.

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You’re most welcome.. glad to be of help. :)

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Gonna need some African Violet food or you will kill them. The rest just mix according to the directions or start out at 1/4 strength solution. Don’t want to nute burn them.

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i want some african violets now…........

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African violets are easy to grow! I think all the stories about them being fussy are overrated! I love them!

The trick? 1. Don’t overwater them and 2 Use fertilizer (I use Miracle-Gro drops in the water..they are making organic fertilizer now, I think. You can’t get this in the UK, so I am still using a bottle someone brought over from the States about FOUR years ago, and it still has a lot in it! Great value.)

Keep them in a well-lighted window (not direct sunlight.) Use a little dish under them and pour the water into the dish and let them drink from there.Let them get dry before you water again.When they get “crowded” and they will….simply separate the two crowns and re-pot.

Voila! Superb! Lovely indoor colorful flowers all year…and the miniature ones…are even prettier (IMO, anyway.)

Good luck!

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