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What do I do with my plants when summer is over?

Asked by jsc3791 (1983points) July 19th, 2010

I have started a container garden this year at my apartment. When the weather turns cold (a while away, I know) do I bring them inside or leave the perennials out and let them “hibernate” or whatever they do until next year?

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What’s a container garden?

It’s usually nice to have plants inside the home, so why not bring them inside? Unless they need full sun, then you’d probably have to leave them outside.

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If you have bulbs, like tulips, dig them up in put them in a dark cold place.
I bring begonias and geraniums in. and herbs, of course.
Some plants do not winter well and will die.and others surprise you.
It all depends on the zone you live in and how much room you have.

Some bad winters can kill off some perennials.

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If it’s a perennial I would leave it out, where it was, I don’t dig it out, and nothing ever happened to mine, no matter how cold is the winter.

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@NaturallyMe… a container garden is one that is not planted in the ground, but in pots or other containers.

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If it doesn’t get too cold where you live you gould try to put a thick layer of leaves on the surface of the soil in the pot and cover the pot with a clear plastic tent. Put a bamboo stick in the pot and then wrap the pot with the plastic and secure the plastic around the pot with twine. Leave a few litttle holes in the plastic for gas exchange. As soon as it starts warming up next Spring remove the layer of leaves and the plastic. The coldest that it gets where I live is +10 degrees F and this has worked for me.

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If they’re perennials, cut them back and leave them outside.

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