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How and why is service learning "NOT" important to self-leadership?

Asked by chad (694points) November 28th, 2007

My college professor is requiring our class to create a five-page paper on the above question, however as far as I know (and believe), service learning is an important part of self-leadership, at least somewhat.

So, if anyone could please help me out at least a little with the question at hand, it would be of great help. I’m not here looking for others to do my work, but just to open my eyes to see what my professor is trying to get from me with this paper. Thank you all, very much!

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Maybe the point is to get you to realize service learning IS important?
I’d suggest meeting with your professor. Coming from a service learning background, I can’t come up with anything. Good luck!

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That essay theme is really vague. “Service learning” and “Self-leadership.” Those terms mean very little to me, per se. I would want a much more precise statement. I can’t even guess what course this is for; philosophy, government, sociology, psych, linguistics? Maybe you have discussed these issues in class; I hope so. Keep us ignoramuses posted.

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What is service learning?

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maybe because the focus is supposed to be on others, the people you are providing the service TO, and not on yourself, or the person that is providing the service. But the other thing that you could do is argue the opposite of the question and say that service learning IS important to self leadership. I did a service learning project with sophomores in high school in Seattle as part of my grad school program…

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Try looking into Robert Greeleaf’s servant leadership. It has a lot of ideas on why service learning IS important.

I think you could make an argument against service learning by holding that we can lead a very individualistic self-involved life that is rewarding and biologically successful.

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is this for a masters in teaching course?

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to check back with you all to update you as to what I ended up writing about. Perchik, I agree with what you recommended, and ended up basing my paper around that idea, and received great results. Thank you all for taking the time to help out!

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