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What is follicular study?

Asked by annie007 (7points) April 9th, 2009

I went with my friend to a gynecologist, who suggested my friend to undergo a follicular study. After the results, my friend was told that no follicules were found. What does this mean?

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Since we only have part of the information, it is hard to say but follicles are located on the ovaries and contain the eggs that potentially can be released.

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It means that at least at the time the study was performed she couldn’t get pregnant.

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This website has a nice explanation about what follicle monitoring (or, as you put it, a follicle study) entails. Note, I have no affiliation with this clinic. Basically, the patient is closely watched during an entire menstrual cycle, with frequent ultrasounds to determine if ovarian follicles are developing normally.

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what follicular study

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