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What volunteer organizations involving traveling would you suggest for a young woman who recently discovered her calling?

Asked by onesecondregrets (2591points) April 9th, 2009

Sound volunteer organizations that provide good guidance for active and post-duty volunteers.

Anything positive or helpful including-
website links
personal experience
positive input
personal knowledge of their benefits

-is all welcome.

Thank you so much.

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Habitat for Humanity

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You say you’ve discovered your calling… what is it? If you mean volunteering, that is pretty vague. Do you have any particualr skills or interests that might help you serve a particular population or purpose? Do you speak any foreign languages?

As a general volunteer program, AmeriCorps is another option.

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Waitaminit – sorry – I posted volunteer stuff for Israel – what language are you being called in, dear?

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Red Cross sends people around the world, if you qualify. You could also check with Doctor’s without Borders and see what kind of volunteer work they might use. Are you traveling at your own expense, or need an organization to send you?

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There are lots of English teaching positions around the world.
You can also get paid to be a nanny, they send people all over.
Habitat for Humanity is a good one that has already been mentioned.
As well as Red Cross.

Here is a fantastic link for you:

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Yeah, all I’ve got is the Peace Corps (obviously), Habitat, Doctors Without Borders if you happen to be a doctor.

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thanks everyone, so much. i really appreciate it. i haven’t replied to the question because i’ve been so busy doing research. RedPowerLady, that link opened up so many possibilities, thank you so much. and hearkat, i’m pretty adaptable to any job i do, that’s the thing and why i think volunteering is really excellent for me. i don’t fluently speak any foreign languages, i know the basics of french and very little spanish. Zen, like i said i just speak english, and can hold a simple conversation in french. a lot of the trips at least from the one website i found that has a lot through RedPowerLady’s suggesteddd site… don’t require another language and you can find trips that suite you. isreal isn’t really ideal for me. i want to go to more of the south american, carribean, and eastern europe areas. i definitely need an organization to send me, not my own expense YarnLady. i’m going to check out redcross now in the next few days- thank you. doctors without borders, again thank you so much guys and any further help would be appreciated. i really am excited for this. it puts such a smile on my face and i can’t wait till i have a legitimate trip set forth, ahh.

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@onesecondregrets Be safe in your travels, and we are here for talking anytime.

(Israel’s second official language is English, and as you can tell, we speak (and write) it fairly well)

I loved travelling in S. America, and you will too.

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