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What is the best way to volunteer from your house or from distance?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) July 5th, 2014

I want to help people who need it but I would like to do it from distance. In the past I heard about a program that people record their voices while reading books to help people with vision problem and I regretted I was not a part of it. Do you know any program where I could help from distance? (by volunteering I mean working and not paying because I want to be sure that help will be given to people who need it)

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Do you want to help in an organization or individually?

Personally I am volunteering as a translator for a website. My main job is to translate every word/phrase/sentence of the website’s interface so that the site can be launched in that language.

I also used to be a play-tester for a game developer. I just played the game and found all the errors and reported to the developer.

Hope I give you some recommendations.

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The absolute best way is to give money. Through various online services such as PayPal, you don’t have to even leave your console. Money allows them to put the donation toward whatever needs arise. That’s why it is called a negotiable security. It can be converted into anything one wants.

You can also remain anonymous if you forego the tax deduction.

If a monetary donation isn’t convenient and you still want to remain home there are plenty of online volunteer opportunities available. My favorite is the United Nations (Online) Volunteers because they operate not only in the US, but are global as well. Here volunteers contribute their skills online to help organizations address development challenges with a view toward sustainable human development.

Or you can take your choice from this list

But always be sure to first evaluate the charities with which you’d like to work with a good tool such as this before you get involved with them. No use wasting your time in a con. That could certainly put a damper on your enthusiasm and the world most definitely doesn’t need another bitter old cynic. So be sure to always thoroughly check out your chosen group to make sure they meet your criteria.

Great Question. Welcome to Fluther, @dina_didi.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Nice suggestion, but @dina_didi has clearly stated in her question that she doesn’t want to pay (by volunteering I mean working and not paying) :P

Just a friendly reminder. Feel free to slap me on the face if I interpret the matter wrong :D

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Many universities with radio station provide a service to the reading impaired by having volunteers read local newspapers aloud for an hour, one or two days a week. The reading is digitally recorded and, after editing if needed, broadcast to receivers tuned to a special frequency. After reading for two years I am now allowed to do this at home on my PC using an audio editor to create a .wav file that I upload via ftp to the university. It is easier than I have made it sound. Good Luck.

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@Espiritus_Corvus: I can’t get your UN Online Volunteer link to work. This one seems better.… Your This list has some terrific ideas. I hope OP takes the time to check some of them out.

@Mimishu1995: Read @Espiritus_Corvus‘s paragraphs three and four where he clearly addresses this issue and lists specific resources. If a monetary donation isn’t convenient and you still want to remain home there are plenty of online volunteer opportunities available

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Thank you for your help! I will concider your suggestions and I hope to find something that matches my abilities and personality! I liked your ideas and if it is possible I would love to see even more ways to volunteer :)

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Many university radio stations provide local newspapers read by volunteers that are broadcast to people with reading impairments. Some volunteers can record their readings as .wav files on their computers and upload them to the university. I am one of them.

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