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Can your job cancel your paid sick and vacation days?

Asked by woodlandanimals (84points) November 28th, 2007

So my gf is telling me that her work just canceled everyone’s paid sick and vacation days. Any absences will be docked from your pay. If you were hired on salary, can they do that? (Pennsylvania)

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If there is an employee handbook she should check there and see what the written policies are, and then how this news was distributed to her and depending what all that says it may be kosher, sad, but kosher. I would guess that if it is a large organization they reviewed their documents to be sure this was legal before they told the employees. Good luck to the poor girl !!!

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If she does not have a union or employment contract, then in many states she would be considered an “at will” employee, and the employer can change the future terms of employment. I am presuming from your description they have canceled paying employees for sick days and vacation days in the future. If she has already earned paid sick days and paid vacation days, then her employer might not be able to cancel the pay for those days.

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sounds like a load of crap to me. i’d fight it!

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I would also check the employee handbook. When you were hired, were you required to sign something saying that you understood the policies of your new workplace?

If so, that’s essentially a contract between you and your employer. So, unless you’ve also signed an addendum they cannot change the terms of your employment.

I’m shocked that any business would try and pull that bull. I would look up the federal law in your state concerning the issue. It seems like they should be legally obligated to give you some compensation for sick days at the very least.

If none of that works, maybe it’s time to start looking for a new job.

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