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Did you ever think that your lifestyle habits with the concomitant easy flow of consumer goods would never end?

Asked by mammal (9431points) April 11th, 2009
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Perhaps a little editing of the question? Concomitant =accompanying especially in a subordinate or incidental way. lifestyle habits is somewhat redundant?

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No, I’ve always been convinced that we’ve had too much cheap stuff to buy on credit for too long. The whole world cannot live the way Americans do, regardless of how often we tell them they can. There just isn’t enough stuff (read natural resources) to make that happen.

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There are a lot of assumptions in that question, and I’m not really interested in validating them with an answer that accepts them.

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@cwilbur look at you… what a very snooty way to actually expose your bias, under the impression of being, somehow above all that sort of thing.

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Hardly, @mammal.

Assumption #1: that I am a rampant consumerist.
Assumption #2: that the consumerist lifestyle is going away.
Assumption #3: that people are shocked and horrified at this.

I had no interest in validating any of these assumptions.

What you asked is, in short, a leading question. I am no more interested in answering it without comment than I would be interested in answering “Have you stopped beating your wife?” without comment.

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