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I recently bought my son a 2g iPod Touch. Can anyone recommend a good YouTube (or other source) explanation for how to use it?

Asked by nmguy (528points) April 11th, 2009
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I thougt it was pretty sel explanary… anyway, there should be some on apples site.

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I never heard of a 2gig touch, are you sure it’s a real iPod????

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could be a fake chinese i guess…does it have ugly fonts and require a stylus to use ?

ah, a 2nd gen ipod, anyway, just use the tutorials on apple’s site and use your instinct i guess.

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@rooeytoo 1g, 2g, 3g etc has been the standard way of differentiating the various ipod models for years now. OK so it doesn’t work quite so well with iphones as the 2g iphone is actually the iphone 3G but other than that it works.

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you touch it… i mean. its not that hard. you plug it in to itunes to “activate” it. and there you go. if you have wi-fi or go some where that has wi-fi make sure you go to the settings and register it with your touch so you can get to the net. (settings>wi-Fi). Also, there are many useful apps in their store, i recommended shopping around though, you can usually find one thats free that does the same job as another that costs 1.99.

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