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Do fools fall in love, as the song goes, or is it chemistry?

Asked by Zen (7743points) April 12th, 2009

I’ve always wanted to know. Nature, nurture, chemistry, traditions, moolah or fancy boats…? Why do people fall in love at all?

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Genius or fool, we all fall in love. Even the cruelest heart is not immune to love or the hurt that a lost love brings.

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Nice to “see you” poet.
How are you feeling?

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Everyone falls in love. Fools believe that it isn’t up to them.

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@Poser Interesting…

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@Zen I’m doing well. I should be back at work in about four weeks,

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet That’s great buddy. You take care and be well. It’s so great to see you here, you must “visit” my questions more often, and I’ll bookmark yours, buddy. I love your poetry and how your mind works. Miss ya.


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It seems chemistry and hormones make us all fools. For me the falling in love comes if the woman is still around after the chemistry settles down. Similar interests in music and food have always been a must.

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You fall in love because of chemistry…then become a fool for a while!

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Right, @Dutchess12 ?! Did you all enjoy the original song?

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@Zen Meh~I’m not into 50’s stuff.

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fools fall in love more OFTEN than people with good chemistry, thats really hard to find.

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@jamzzy Love can make a fool out of the wisest person.

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