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Men: if you could get pregnant - would you?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) April 12th, 2009

Backaches, nausea, cravings, FUN!

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I’ve asked my husband this before. He says he wouldn’t, he couldn’t handle it. Although, he acts like I was faking all my pain throughout my pregnancy, he says he’d do less whining than I did.

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Im going to have to say HELL NO!!!!!!!! I don’t like the idea of being in pain. I know there is probably some guy out there who would say yea, but not me!

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No, i hate having a belly when its just fat, let alone hard and moving and kicking. Plus actually having the baby, its either coming out of my a** or your cutting my stomach open. Screw that.

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I asked the same to my husband, in my last pregnancy (I hope) I suffered a lot! Morning sickness, I was very tired, dificultity to walk, move, move on my bed and you don’t want to hear about the last 3 months, he said I was faking, I swear I wasn’t. Anyways, he said he’d never ever would like to feel what pregnant women feel when pregnant, he prefers to see his children to be born…. Chicken!!

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@willbrawn the kicking is the best part! it starts out as fluttering, like a butterfly is inside of you, then you start feeling actual body parts. it’s amazing. well, until they start kicking your bladder, or ribs and other various organs. that part wasn’t pleasant. lol

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@casheroo sounds like a blast lol

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Perhaps another way to put this is, would you like to be a woman, and if you were a woman, would you get pregnant?

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I’d like to be a woman for a day – just to see what it’s like – but i’m good with man thing for now ;-)

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Fuck no! Not having the necesary equipment to get pregnant is the best thing about being a man!

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Oh, heck no!

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I’ve never asked a man this directly, but some men have told me that they are jealous of women for being able to get pregnant. It’s not necessarily that they want the pain and crap that goes with pregnancy, they seemed to be jealous of the whole creating and supporting life thing.

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Never, never, never.

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No, not really. The Californian governor once tried this in a film, but I doubt he wants to repeat the experiment.

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I wouldn’t look good with stretch marks.

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