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Is one (or more) of your five senses (or 6, as the case may be) more acute than the average person's?

Asked by Dutchess12 (1575points) April 12th, 2009

I’ve known people who have better than 20/20 vision—having been legally blind most of my life, I can’t even fathom that! However, I think my hearing is better than most. Did you know the security cameras in department stores emit a very, very high pitched squeal? They do…before the age of about 28 I could hear it! I can’t hear it any more, but even now my hearing is still really good. The other day I was about 20 feet away from my cell phone. It was tucked in a thick pocket of a thick, furry winter coat, behind a pair of gloves——AND it was set to vibrate only….and I heard it go off. It was almost subliminal, but I heard it. My boss, sitting only about 10 feet away from the phone didn’t hear anything. How about you? Is your hearing, smell, sight, anything above average?

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I like you have a really good sense of hearing and often will hear peoples phones when its in their pocket and they dont even hear it. Ive also noticed i can hear a TV turn on in another room even if the volume is off, just from that electronic frequency it lets off.

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A wondeful question, especially the “security cameras” in the “details”. Love it!!!!

My sense of smell is like a coyote’s.

My *@!^ is like a donkey’s.


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My ears & nose work overtime. I can hear & smell things way before others do. I say I’m a human blood hound.

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My sense of smell is insane and has been since I was a kid. If I could have one of my pipedream jobs, it would be to be an old apothecary-style perfumer.

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@figbash I’d join you – or as a coffee-taster.

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@zen a lot of the questions on here are simple Y/N questions! And always have been! Although, I wasn’t thinking about that when I phrased the Q. It just came out that way. :)

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@uberbatman It’s like, “Dude! Ya you over there! Yourephone is ringing!!”

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I know, dear, but it felt like home.

(I miss wis – nobody hated me there for just being me, and everyone knew who the real assholes were.)

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LOL!! Yeah, I know. I’m kinda homesick too, but in a way it’s a relief not to be compelled to battle the slowness of the site…...btw, it’s TRUE about the security cameras! Ever since I was a little kid I’d be walking thru the store with my Mom, and suddenly I’d be hit with this really, REALLY high pitched ringing/pinging notice. It’d make me cringe and go, “What is that??!!” Mom’s going, “What is what? What are you talking about?”
Then as I got older I said, “There HAS to be a reason for this,” so I stopped and looked around carefully and lo’. There was a security camera. From then on I’d be walking through the store with my friends and I’d suddenly stop and say, “There’s a security camera around here….there it is!!” They all thought I was nutso! Then, when I was 28 I had a accident with some ear phones and about blew my eardrums out of my head! Never heard the cameras after that, but I hear other things before other folks do….It’s a CURSE I tell you!!

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You do not want to be in London, then. Cameras everywhere.

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I am also nearly legally blind and have been since birth, fitted for glasses at age 5. My hearing is going now, but was very acute. My nose is still going strong, as are my senses of touch, and taste

When I first met Hubby, I thought his senses were nearly dead from living in New York all his life, and I still think so, especially since some of them have been waking up the last few years. Unfortunately, he has also developed tinnitus.

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I have better hearing than most people. I’m the only one who is ever bothered by that TV noise.

My sense of smell is almost nonexistent. And if it weren’t for contact lenses I would be seriously disabled.

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@petethepothead im right there with you with nonexistent smell. Doesnt it suck? I never know if i smell like hardcore pot or not lol

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That’s the worst part about it.

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Smell. I tamp it down to normal with weed, coffee, and cigarettes, all which tend to kill my sense of smell so I don’t lose my mind.

This became more evident after being sick with a nasty cold for about 10 weeks, where my sinuses were bad and I was not consuming/abusing any of these things. When the congestion in my sinuses finally died down and the cold passed… on the first day my nose was clear, I thought I would go nuts. I could smell my neighbor’s shampoo through the cloud of her perfume despite the fact that she was 2 storys below me on the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette. I could smell the distinctive soaps layered with the aftershave and deoderant on my co-workers, or the bouquet (HAH!) of unwashed skin, yesterday’s food, and mouthwash without the benefit of a proper brushing on certain others.

It. Made. Me. Nuts. Is this why dogs act like hyperactive freaks?

I spent most of the day with my nose buried into my coffee cup. Coffee is amazing in it’s ability to mask the smells of everything else yet not being overpowering and actually delicious. It died down by the 2nd day while my sense of smell acclimated, but that first day….. UGH.

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I have an insanely sensitive sense of smell. Definitely a curse rather than a blessing haha.
I have very poor eyesight, and my hearing isn’t good but not the best. And having a son shriek in my ears every day..I feel as if I’m going deaf lol.

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What about intuition? That is the “sixth sense” correct?
I would say I am in touch with my intuition moreso than others around me.
Of course I don’t care to compare. It is just that many people don’t consider their intuition although I think it is great when they do :)

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I have a great nose… I can smell and recognize anything!

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I’m especially sensitive to touch. All my other senses are impaired in some way or another.

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I can hear the static on the tv’s too! When I was smaller that’s when I knew when my parents were finally going to bed and go about causing havoc. I have really bad eyesight though.

It’s happened a lot though that people say I read their minds. I say what they’re thinking. Different people, different situations. But I see that as a mere coincidence =)

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I sometimes hear noises from the heater vent that sounds like people taking in another room. It used to scare me.

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@casheroo @netspencer et al: let’s wrap things up – how many here have a great sense of smell (9–10 out of 10 only, please) raise your hand)? Now smell your armpits… now go take a shower.

JK – I think we should start a cub-culture for those who are oliphically-enhanced, the smellsters?

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Hearing. My parents made me start playing the piano at an early age and when my father was playing records of concertos and symphonies on Sunday he always asked ‘Now what’s the name of the instrument sticking out right now?’

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@mattbrowne Do you still play? When can we jam?

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@Zen – The piano, but just for fun. And I’m a bass in our local choir (called the Kantorei). You play too? Yes, we could create a virtual band.

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A little guitar, and sing, @mattbrowne – mostly with the kids – cuz I love to hear them!

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@RedPowerLady Are you following me around, lol?

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@Zen i’m a cyber stalker, lol (but seriously uh not intentionally)

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@RedPowerLady JK, eh!?! (I hope)

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@Zen Hey if you want me to cyberstalk you I might be able to arrange that. But I can’t promise to be good at the job.

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@RedPowerLady (I’ll settle for a coffee)

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@3or4monsters That’s crazy! Wow.
@RedPowerLady Yeah, that is what I was talking about. I think my intuition is highly developed too. My poor husband can’t get away with ANYTHING! But his intuition is non-existent, so if I was sympathy or attention I have to practically scream it at him!!

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