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Places to go in New Orleans?

Asked by pepper0717 (46points) April 14th, 2009

What are some ‘off the beaten path’ kind of places to go and things to see in New Orleans? I’m going there on vacation in about a month.

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One place to check out if you can find it and it is still open is “Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge.” Do a google search and find the location. It’s very small but very cool. Also try, St. Joe’s, on Magazine St. Also try the Bulldog on Magazine. Then there’s Igor’s on St. Charles. All of these are places where you will find more “Locals” and fewer tourists. N.O. is great. You can also try Mid City Lanes for a late night Rock N Bowl.

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@missingbite thanks I’ll definitely check those out.

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Lower 9th ward.

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