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How do you know if a coconut is fresh inside?

Asked by Jack79 (11027points) April 15th, 2009

Just bought a coconut from the supermarket (a couple of hours ago). After going into the usual trouble of opening it up, I saw the inside was rotten.

Is there any way of telling whether a coconut is good before you buy it? Like shaking it or something?

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Here’s what to look for. Essentially, you want the most juice possible (detectable by its heft and the slosh when you shake it), and you want to make sure that the shell is intact. Look for damp spots on the outside of the shell that might indicate small cracks or openings, and make sure that the “soft eye” is in good condition, as this is a common entry point for infection or insects. Fresher coconuts are rich brown; older ones are grayish.

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good ol’ harp!

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Also, when you shake it, you ONLY want to hear the sound of liquid. If you hear solids, don’t buy it.

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thanks Harp, that was useful :)

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I wasn’t joking. If you hear solids, that’s pieces of rotting coconut.

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I know Mr_M, but that one was pretty obvious. I was wondering about external characteristics, such as “damp spots” that Harp mentioned, and which I never look for.

I think that by the time you can hear solids in the coconut, it will stink enough for the assistants to remove it.

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Not always. You’d be surprised.

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