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Has anyone here donated a kidney?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12598points) April 16th, 2009

Has anyone here donated a kidney? We just found out that hubby might need to do this for a family member. I am secretly freaked out about this but I don’t want anyone to think I’m a jerk for being so scared. I was looking for resources online so I can read about it but had difficulty finding any.

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I haven’t, but if your concern is related to the fact that your husband would be left with just one kidney, I might be of some help. My step-father was born with just one functional kidney. He turned 60 last year, and has always been fine. :)

Also, I have kidney disease (and have for at least 14 years). My nephrologist told me that we can actually live with far less kidney function than people think. Something like 20% of kidney function is enough to get the job done. Turns out, normal kidneys are quite the over-achievers!

Best of luck to all parties.

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Yes. The body has an overcapacity in several areas. Same goes for the liver. I guess it has to do with that we are built to make it in an environment where it’s likely to get poisoned in some way or another. I would happily give a kidney away to a relative, but I understand the concerns.

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I think being scared and concerned is completely normal! I’d be upset as well, but your husband is a fantastic person for doing what he is.
I don’t know anyone who has donated, but I know I will donate part of my liver to my father if and when it comes time for that.

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The National Kidney Foundation

At a previous job, I had a secretary who had donated for her brother. I never got to have a detailed conversation about it with her, but she was healthy and active and had no residual problems.

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@hearkat Thank you so much for the web link!! It really means a lot for me to have something to read.

Thank you to everyone else too for you comments and information. It is really very helpful to me emotionally.

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@RedPowerLady – You’re Welcome. I’m glad I could help. :)

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Kidney donation saved John Locke’s life!

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Well here’s one take on it.
Best video ever made

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