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Are you for or against the NAFTA highway being built from mexico to Canada and why or why not?

Asked by DREW_R (738points) April 17th, 2009

Construction has been started in Texas.

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I haven’t heard much about it. Is this it?

I’ll say I’m for it.

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Drew, do you have a link? Or is the one phoenyx provided the correct one?

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I think it’s interesting, just from a Freudian point of view, that you remembered to capitalize every word in the question that should be capitalized, except Mexico. Texas, Canada, and the first letter of each sentence are capitalized, but Mexico is lower case. I wonder why that is.

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Europe has interstates (highways) connecting Palermo, Sicily with Stockholm, Sweden. It’s good for business. Why should North America not do the same.

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Rick Perry must be quite the paradox for the Right. Proclamations like this earn him praise for “standing up for smaller government”, but at the same time he draws fire for his pet project, the Trans-Texas Corridor (AKA the NAFTA Super-Highway). According to other factions of the Right, this is a step toward some overarching North American political entity. So is Perry for small government or big government?

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edit: I meant to link to this proclamation by Perry that Texas reserves the right to secede.

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@phoenyx @augustlan

The following link is a better description I think.

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How did I know that it would be you, @DREW_R, talking about NAFTA?

As a Canadian, having one highway that goes across the entire country is VERY handy. From my experience there isn’t really a similar network in the States beyond the Interstate network, so having one pipeline would be quite advantageous. Let’s not deny that all three countries have strong interactions with each other!

Your article is two years old and is from an administration that doesn’t exist anymore, so it’s worthless as proof regarding what’s going on today. You know, what with the Bush administration not existing anymore, it’s pretty hard for them to keep planning secret highways.

So I can’t say if I’m for or against it because I’m not convinced it actually exists. Sorry to say, but without actual credible proof (an article from a conservative blog, with no actual statistics or verification, is not credible) your words sound a lot like those who protest against the nonexistent Amero.

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@DREW_R I’m going to take anything written by Jerome Corsi with a grain of salt.

I’ve been doing some more searching online and I can’t find a clear definition of what the “NAFTA superhighway” is or which states and interstates are involved.

In general, I support free trade and reduced transportation costs.

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@phoenyx @dynamicduo

Check out Ron Paul on the subject. ;)

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You need to provide actual proof, the burden is on you to support your claims. I have read a lot of Dr Paul’s work, but I don’t see how it applies here at all.

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@DREW_R I’m becoming weary of this. Could you provide links? Some additional information? Add your own thoughts to the discussion in some way? I have to speculate each time about what you are referring to.

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What, like the I-5 that runs from Surrey, BC, CA to Tijuana that’s been around for 50 years or so? Took ‘em long enough to realize that perhaps another may be just as convenient elsewhere.

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@Amoebic Yeah but they have border inspections on I-5.

@phoenyx I see it as a threat to our national security, more jobs lost in port cities, devastated west coast economies, coordinated federal and state eminent domain actions on an unprecedented scale,...That is just a partial list.

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@DREW_R The TTC is the part being proposed to be built (the nafta-affiliation seems to be a myth, if we’re only going to make the basis of information for this conversation based on only posting links to the blogsphere…ahem); the rest of the “highway” is said to be comprised of already-existing highway routes.

Also the “NAFTA superhighway” website does mention that there will be border inspections (with the same kinds of shortcomings that already exist with our current inspection locations!), so I’m not sure why that should be held up as a beacon of its better standing against this supposed new program.

As an aside, of what I’ve gathered so far, the TTC is fucked – but not from an international trade standpoint. I’d be more concerned about the intent in their tolling procedures and how that will effect texans.

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@DREW_R – Thanks for the link. So the idea got started by Bush. What’s Obama’s view on it?

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He hasn’t done much to make right on alot of Bush policies. In fact he is keeping a bunch of them as is. That said I think he might just try and push it thru.

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