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What is the etiquette when doing business with there some unwritten "bro" deal that is expected?

Asked by Anonymous_name (10points) November 30th, 2006
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In my experience, friends often will WANT to pay you, because they know that you're worth the time, and that you'll be good at it.
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A lot of the time, it simply depends on what kind of friends they are.. as in, how close are they? If they're aqaintances, then I would usually just give them a break, like 10% or something.. other times, I would just offer to do the time for free, and have them pay for materials. It really just depends.
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One good way of judging is really just basing it on what you feel you 'ought' to do.. in the end that'll probably work out better than anything else. Also - I will say that almost all of the times when I've offered services for less or for free, it ends out working to my advantage in the end (monetarily, that is).
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What are the specifics of the situation?
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A good friend from high school, we actually still keep in touch socially. I'm thinking that 50% discount would be great--her parents will likely foot the bill, and they can seriously foot the bill. It's a wedding I wouldn't miss if she hadn't asked me to do the photos...
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I recently shot a wedding as the wedding gift--but these friends were in a completely different financial situation. Should that matter? Hmmm...
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Whatever the situation, I would always make a contract EVEN if there's no money exchanged.

Trust me, its the smartest thing you can do, and I speak from plenty of experience.

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Thanks for all of the responses! The wedding was glorious,the photos fabulous and I just may end up with a destination wedding trip to Mexico. I love my job!!

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