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Salvia Divinorum: Show up in urine drug tests?

Asked by unused_bagels (1749points) April 18th, 2009

My wife found out we’re growing a LEGAL hallucinogen in our backyard, and I was wondering if it would show up in a urine-based drug test administered by the Navy. I’m not taking it if it’s keeping me out, and I thought I would be absolutely sure before I tried something.
I figure it’s legal, so usually there wouldn’t be a problem, but the Navy won’t let you in with something as small as ingrown toenails.

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No idea, but it’s crazyyy! :)

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Salvia has not been deemed illegal yet but I have no idea if the navy screens for it. best to abstain just in case. Navy screens for a lot of stuff.

It’s very difficult to get a good job with a dishonorable discharge.

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It’s only a matter of time. If you want to get high the government wants it to be on their terms.

If you’re going to enlist just stick with alcohol if you want to party. I didn’t serve but I’ve known plenty that have. I admit my knowledge is only 2nd hand but the armed forces are very thorough with tox-screening from what my friends have told me.

Salvia is a short trip and it’s not worth jeopardizing your naval career even if it’s only for a 4 year stint.

Good luck man! My friends all spoke highly of the experience and it’s made a big difference in their career opportunities in civilian life.

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I thought this was interesting so I looked it up.

Q. Does Salvia divinorum show up on drug tests?
A: No. Tests have not been developed to detect use of Salvia divinorum. Although it may be possible for a properly equiped lab to identify traces of salvinorin A or its metabloites in urine, it is not something that would be done in an ordinary drug test. Certainly, this should be of no concern in countries where Salvia divinorum remains legal. The active principal, salvinorin A, is not chemically similar to other drugs typically tested for, and therefore it should not produce a false-positive result when testing for other drugs.

We have been told that Salvia divinorum is now on the list of banned substances for the U.S. Navy but is not tested for in drug tests. Those found in possession or using it will be charged under UCMJ Article 92 “Failure to Obey Order or Regulation”. (unconfirmed)
The Navy Awareness Training on Salvia Divinorum, Feb 2004 (orig) states that sailors may be disciplined under SECNAVINST 5300.28C and OPNAVINST 5350.4C as general prohibitions against the “illicit” use of intoxicants. These reportedly do not apply to religious / spiritual use, although we do not know the details of these exemptions. (thanks DN)

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Yeah, I read that first paragraph, but I’m trying to figure out when that last page was updated. I’ve been reading rumors that since 2005 there has been a test for salvinorum. Can anyone confirm this?
As it is, this seems a bit too risky.

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Salvia is now illegal in Florida but ive done it a few times, its a pretty dope trip for like 10–15min depending how much you smoke or drink.

A different trip every time, doubt Navy screens for it since its only illegal in some places.

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Yeah, I know that it’s doubtful, but nowhere can I find any concrete proof. Thanks for the tip on Florida, I might get stationed there.

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As RedPowerLady said its pretty expensive to currently test for salvia. Its metabolized by the body quite quickly making it hard to trace. Thats also why the trip is so short.

I personally wouldnt take the risk for salvia. Its not all that fun. I mean its an interesting trip dont get me wrong, but its got its downsides too. Salvia trips tend to be quite dark. You feel trapped a lot. When you come out of it (and i say come out of it because you are completely dead to the world for 5 minutes) you are incredibly sweaty. Everything feels strange to you. Then 20 minutes later your normal again. The trips can take you interesting places but like i said its meh in the end. If you want a real spiritual trip like that find some DMT. Short trip like salvia is but its always much happier of a trip. Much more intense and consuming but always a good experience. The after effects are quite nice too as you just feel like your on LSD for 30 min. Then baseline again. Even better thing is, it cant be tested for as its produced in the body naturally.(DMT is why you dream at night :)

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Side note: Are you sure it’s salvia divinorum and not another form? SD is extremely difficult to grow.

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