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A promise lost, a lie undone, is relatively light wear. But what’s the cost, where is the fun, when dream becomes a nightmare?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30946points) April 19th, 2009

At numerous levels, both the personal and collective dreams, hopes & desires of our lives will rarely turn out exactly the way we envisioned they would. My dream to become a pilot conceals hidden costs associated with that endeavor, and if that hope develops into an obsession, other areas of my life will most surely suffer.

In a grander sense, it may be arguable that the collective American Dream has become the Worlds Nightmare. The big mortgage, a lustful consumerism, with all of its associated expenses, can not only lead to a great deal of personal anxiety, but also mask human rights violations of the poor children laboring in foreign sweatshops that allow our “dream” to become reality.

Dreams are good to have. They foster creativity and provide a canvas for individual expression. But would it not be wise to first check them against the actuality of any given state of affairs in our society? Do our dreams always deserve the preferred front row seating in our minds, or shall we allow Prudence to usher them accordingly with respect to the greater concerns of all?

Dreams are mere thoughts of desire. How will they ever be deserved? To the few who attain them and to those who never will, should we not attempt to understand that the Reality is the only thing which is truly deserved, for the Reality is the only thing which is truly earned.

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Two road diverged in the wood,
And I took the one less travelled by…

Robert Frost could have mentioned that
there are more opportunities to twist an
ankle or become lost and the rougher path
though it may be innovative and exciting…

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‘Prudence to usher them accordingly with respect to the greater concerns of all’

A beautiful oxymoron. Though, perhaps not…

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@Crusader Frost understands that pleasure and ease “can be” the promoters of meaninglessness. All too often, only suffering through a new adventure, can be the evangelist of enlightenment and strength.

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Yes, suffering though a new adventure
or an adventure of new suffering..
masochism is almost a required character
trait to be an Christian/Mormon Evangelist in secular liberal
‘progressive’ states

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Though the emphasis is on the Other, not the Self,

That defeats the purpose…

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@Crusader Where “should” the emphasis be placed upon our dreams… the Other or the Self?

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The Other Self perhaps…
According to Buddhism Enlightment is achieved
in Either active prothelethizing or passive internal
cultivation, Realizing the Dream is not the
same as knowing what your True dreams are…
Your Purpose. An objective awareness can facilitate
this…That said, Jesus is the Truth, the Way, and the Life

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Though the intellect surges,
Our ego we must purges,
And approach the questions humble and meek,
To secure the answers we seek…

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Dreams are for the self. They are from your mind. Why should they be for someone else? They are your desires. Perhaps your desire is for the world to be a better place. This is still your desire, whether it is an altruistic desire or not.

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Perhaps a definition of Dream is in order,
Dreams as a desire of acquiring/becoming something
in a conscious state, or Dream of…? While sleeping…
Could Sleeping dreams be the True motivation
for our Waking desires, or is it the reverse?
Neither? A combination? Where, if independent,
Are Sleeping dreams originating from? What
if they are a prelude to future events….?

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If you don’t dream, the dream can’t turn bad.

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@daloon Agreed. Unfortunately, my earliest memories remind me of how I was raised to achieve… dream the big dream, imagine myself as hero, be the conquerer.

How many women have been shocked to find that prince charming is a boisterous alcoholic, and will soon leave them in trade for a stripper half their age?

The dream has been sold to us since childhood. It has been force fed to us one bite at a time. How can we nourish a culture any differently when that is all we have known for the past 200 years?

I’d really like some answers here because I feel that “pop” has officially eaten itself. What can eat itself and live?

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sometimes when the gods want to punish you they grant your wishes.

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hickory dickory dock – you both are full of crap.

perhaps, with the recent economic downturn, you could find a drug company looking for testers? or perhaps you could start a website where people who are intoxicated by the beauty of their own verbosity could intellectually masturbate own another.

ask a question.

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You are a posterboy for intellectual self-hate/or
vindictive other with an agendas.
How difficult is it to repond to another thread-
You have put some thought into your response…
Individuals like you are responsible for the
continued immasculation of truth seekers.
Incidentally, your own intellectual oblique
spitefulness will certainly be favored by the
current administration when they proceed
with the illegal and unconstitutional infiltration
of all individuals/groups that do not pay homage
to the emperor and his debauchery loving allies.

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thou art fullest of shite.
if it pleaseth mylady,
could thou at thy earliest bidding
jumpeth off a cliff,
preferably a tall one?

1) if you’re going to
type like this.
and not speel corektly or make sense
using babblespeak
and coining phrases that are
at best
learn how to use IM, and perhaps,
as noted in the above piece of literary
jump off a cliff?

or at least a tall building?

2) i heard Fox News is
looking for interns. the problem?
you have to rub Glenn Beck’s feet -
and probably give him a naughty tickle.
and he cries.
a lot.
FYI: i didn’t vote for anyone.

Have fun with your pseudo-King James version conversation about latent homoeroticism. kthxbye.

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Anyone care to comment on the content…?

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@Crusader some us show and we’ll comment on it.

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Plenty of pearls here, if you choose to see.
Always choice.

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@Crusader if by “pearl” you mean tripe, yeah, this place is a jewelry store.

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Um, what the fuck ever.

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