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Ever have one of those days where you want to be left alone? What are usually your reasons as to why?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 19th, 2009

No phone calls, visits, emails…nothing from no one. Do you normally sleep, read, watch tv or just chill?

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I call them “low tolerance days” meaning that I have low tolerance for anybody or anything. I think we all go through phases and occasionally need some down-time to chill out and refocus ourselves.

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Same here. I just need to get away from all of it. It not that I do anything specific just chill out and zone out.

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Yeah, I have lots of days like that. I usually just play games or sleep.

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im an only child, so i grew up being alone.
im kinda used to it and people often get on my nerves.
i get more shit done too, less distractions.

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Amen to all so far. But it’s fun diving back in after hanging out in your fortress of solitude. Does anyone have any exact likeness robots stored away in your fortress? I’ve often wondered if I made exact replicated robots of myself to go forth while I remained behind in the ice house. Not sure yet.

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Oh, yes, @strangeling, I’ve often wished that I had a closet full of robotic Doppelgängers like Superman’s to do the things I don’t want to do, like go to work and go shopping. Unfortunately the usefulness breaks down when it comes to keeping medical appointments or traveling in my place. No good solutions for those yet.

At my house people can pretty much have time alone whenever they want it. Sometimes one of us will actually say “I’m just feeling kind of out of sorts with the world today, so don’t take it personally, but I’m just not going to be very good company.” Everybody respects that.

Those days are most likely to be online days, writing days, napping days, or a combination, no matter which of us it is. Sometimes there’s some vigorous yard work instead. Usually things settle down in less than a day’s time.

Causes might be found in natural rhythms and cycles, but also sometimes it just plain feels as if nothing is going your way. That shift from reacting as the baby that can’t stand to be thwarted back to being the grownup who deals with setbacks and adjusts expectations and figures out what can be done to overcome disappointments can take a little self-focused, soul-gathering down time.

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Yes, more often than I’d like.
I’m not sure what causes it… A few theories for why it happens to me though-

Depression could play into it. Sometimes it’s hard enough taking care of me without worring about anyone else’s feelings.
I take care of kids all day long, and I work to make my boy, family, and friends happy. Sometimes it’s nice to just say to hell with y’all, and focus on doing exactly what I want.
And most importantly, I was raised to value “me” time. My mom often told me, “If you don’t enjoy your own company, you can’t expect anyone else to.” I like entertaining myself. :)

I usually take myself on dates to lunch at Whole Foods, then do some solo-shopping and see some indie movie alone. It’s rejuvenates my soul.

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Yes, but it never, ever happens. I get very stressed, and irritated easily. I’m just so tired, and would love at least an hour to myself. Life can be draining.

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Maybe when I’m sick and I don’t want to deal with anything. Most of the time, I can hardly wait for people to get off work and come home, since I’m here alone most of the time.

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I’m not sure one can afford to have such feelings when one has children around. Alone time? I’d just settle of an extra our of sleep, once a week.

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yes. the desire for isolation is (ironically) especially true when i’m upset about something. if i’m upset and there are people around, chances are they’re going to want to know why if i slip up and show that i’m sad. and chances are, i don’t want to talk about it, and if i do talk about it, i’ll either cry or get agitated and make the situation worse.
so usually if i’m upset, i go home, put my phone on silent and put it somewhere so i don’t feel guilty when i see someone calling and i’m ignoring it. and i just listen to as much bright eyes as i want, thank you very much, and cry or sleep, whichever comes first.

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I am that way all the time. The home phone is set for two rings. I turn off my cell when I get home-leave me frickin alone
It is getting warm here, thank god; so there is the garden, fishing, sons varsity baseball- throughout the week which can be a downer because I have to listen to all the parents brag about themselves, or their son. There again I hang out with a couple other parents and avoid the big click.
Outside of that – tons of projects on my property keep me very busy and satisfied.

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So, we’re not guilty for wanting time alone? Cool.

I can spend a whole week alone with the dog and cat and feel very, very good.

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I’m a masochist.

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Sometimes I feel “empty” I need to replenish my energy..I usually like to sleep..listen to music are just relax..I love quiet time {I need it} to much chaos in the world

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