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Would you consider a coconut to be a good addition to a healthy diet?

Asked by IBERnineD (7289points) April 20th, 2009

I’m eating it now, and technically it’s a fruit (I’m pretty sure) and those tend to be good for you, but what really is a coconut good for besides being tasty and good for my hair? (at least that’s what my shampoo says)

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Doesn’t it have a high concentration in fat? It’s a nut, not a fruit. I would have to say it’s not really good for you to eat too much of.

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I spent some time in Rarotonga in the South Pacific. There they use it for everything, they feed babies with the milk, feed them the flesh mixed with banana. Use it on their skin to feel good, smell good and heal sores. To the islanders they are like rice to Asian people. And back in my drinking days, I loved pina coladas right out of them!

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mmm…pina coladas.

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actually, coconuts r one of the healthiest foods around, filled with all sorts of things your body needs. as for fat, you’d die without it. best bet: listen to your appetite, eat real (vs. manufactured/modified) food, and aim for variety and moderation.

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Hawaiian dessert haystacks… mmmm

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Excellent, I buy the coconuts whole that you have to open yourself. Delicious! And pina coladas? I LOVE them, so I guess I choose a good snack!

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The Hawaiians love it along with macadamia nuts. It has tons of fat but very tasty in so many dishes. Use sparingly unless your Tom Hanks

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Coconut IS one of those good for you, healthy fats. It also has other health benefits which I am forgetting, but I think one of them is that it’s a type of fat that burns bad fat. Can anyone explain that better?

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