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Which compact camera should I get?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) April 20th, 2009

I’m looking for a really small compact camera that I can put in my pockets. I notice that I use my Iphone a lot to take pics, but only because it’s always with me. I’m looking to spend under 300$ I heard that the Canon SD series were pretty good, Any other brands/models?

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Okay here’s my parameters, I want one that has a viewfinder, too hard to use the screen in full sun and too hard to hold the camera steady when it is out at arm’s length. I like a good zoom, I have a canon with a 12x and that is great but it is too big to fit in my pocket so I carry a Canon Ixus in my pocket, only has 4x zoom but at least it is always there. My other requirement is that it have a lithium rechargeable battery. I don’t like the ones that use AA batts, spend too much time recharging. Just my humble opinion.

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Canon SD1100IX is a gorgeous piece of equipment. It is hands down the best digital camera I’ve ever owned. I highly recommend it. It should be under or around your price limit. It’s about average size for point and shoots, not sure if I would call it small (that I reserve for cameras the size of a credit card) but it’s definitely not as big as the DSLRs. I think it would be uncomfortable in a tight jean pocket all day, but it’s compact enough to keep it in a backpack/purse.

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I have a Canon PowerShot SD2200IS Digital ELPH. It’s super compact, 8 MP, takes great photos, and comes in pretty colors :)

High recommended.

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I have had very good luck with Canon.

I have four of them ranging from a little 3mp my six-year-old uses to my SLR I use professionally.

They’ve all been great and hassle free.

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Thanks Rooeytoo. I like batteries that are lithium rechargeable only. I would also like optical zoom at least. I hate digital zoom as it means nothing to me.

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@loveurmindnsoul the PowerShot that I mentioned has the tiniest little rechargeable battery with the smallest little charger. Very convenient and portable.

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Ohh nice, thanks

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