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Would you prefer to watch the Twilight movie or read the books?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) April 20th, 2009

I personally thought that the books were better. But I still liked the movie.

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The book is better for in depth visions.
But i personally liked the movie alot better

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I read the 1st book, didn’t really like it. Watched the movie just to see what the hype was about, I enjoyed it I guess, more than the book, but the acting could use a lot of work.

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I swaw the movie and read the books…I dont think I want to watch the other movies, they are going to spoil the romance. The books are way too deep.

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I read twilight first and then saw the movie. I’m glad I did that because the movie had no depth what-so-ever. For instance if you hadn’t read the book, the movie was very choppy and went way too fast. So the book was definitely better. Although the make out scene was lovely in the movie!

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@IBERnineD : I totally agree with your opinion.

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I prefer to burn the books and destroy the movie.
If i had to chose I’d probably read the books

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I would prefer to do neither.

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I watched the movie recently. I thought it was meant to be’s too ridiculous to take seriously. I’m not interested in the books.

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I preferred the story line of the books, but the director of the movie made active strides not to make Bella as pathetic, weak little girl like she is in the book, I appreciate that a lot.

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Robert Pattinson always looks as though someone has put something that smells vaguely unpleasant underneath his nose these days. I don’t know why, because he was cute as a button in the HP movie.

So if forced to make a choice, I’d rather read the books.

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I read the books [all 4 of them, and the leaked 5th one!], and the other girls who read it with me went to see the movie. I refused to go because I didn’t believe movies-from-books ever do the story justice, and I was vindicated. My friends came back horrified at how butchered the story had become. They actually wished they hadn’t seen it.

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I finally caved and watched the movie. I love vampire lore, so I make it a point to seek out most vampire related media, but these Twilight books just seemed so cheesy. Well, I was right. The movie seemed like a 12 year old’s escapist fantasy. I will not be reading the books or watching another movie.

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I have watched the movie and read the books, and while neither are fantastic, the books were a lot better.

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i personally thought that the book was mediocre – the characters were vaguely interesting, the plot was incredibly trite and fluffy, but i guess for some it makes a good quick read – but the movie didn’t even do the book that justice! i do like robert p., but the dialogue in the movie was disturbingly HORRIBLE. and it was just humourous! i can’t tell you how many dirty looks i got from my friend who is obsessed with it because i could not take more than 30 seconds of that trash seriously.

the first thing i associate with twilight is when bella walks into the science room and the fan is dramatically blowing her hair and the camera zooms dramatically on her dramatically grey face in the dramatically dark room (obviously, if a state is rainy, classrooms don’t make use of lights, that’s preposterous!) and then there’s the (uber) dramatic pause on both bella and edward’s faces, then the awkward (but omg so dramatic) silence at the table, but only until this groundbreaking conversation that goes something like this:
edward: how do you like…the rain…?
bella: ~heh~ are you. are you asking me…about the weather? |:
edward: ~heh~ i…i guess…yes, i guess i am… |:

anyway. um. yeah. i don’t know, i read the book when it first came out, back when if you said your favourite book was about vampires, half of the female population who want to marry them now would have been like ”~spaz omg really? eww weirdooo omggg”. i wasn’t impressed then, and the hype has done absolutely nothing to make me think anything about twilight is near epic.

bela lugosi is rolling in his grave.

please note that i’m not aiming any of my disgust at the twilight phenomenon at you, i just tend to start ranting about it immediately, and it gets lengthy…(:

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@tiffyandthewall I read them because they were a quick read in between my homework (i’m in college for god’s sake..I sure wasn’t reading them for their inherent value!), but I agree the writing was mediocre at best, but at least the story is oddly appealing as a modern day Romeo and Juliet-esque type of story. That said, the movie really was horrendous, but i’m holding out hope that it was a budget issue and that since it did so well there will be a bigger budget next movie (AND a new director. Thank god.) My biggest thumbs up for the movie (as I mentioned in my post) was that the director at least tried to prevent Bella from looking like a complete and total disaster of a girl that was just weak and pathetic. You have to take the books with a grain of salt and just pray to whatever you believe in that young girls don’t think that level of weakness is something to aspire to. Thank god for the director to try and stifle that. Also R.P said in an interview that he thought the love between Edward and Bella was “obsessive” and “sick”. I hold out hope that young girls saw this interview and maybe actually thought about it for a few seconds.

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I enjoyed the books for what they are, they aren’t aimed at an adult audience. I’ve read all four of them and will read the newest one that is coming out also.

The movie was ok, but wasn’t nearly as good as the book-I don’t recall ever seeing a movie based on the book that was as good.

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Usually, I would want to read the book, but in talking about Twilight and the Harry Potter series, Stephen King said “The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn.”
I trust Stephen King.

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@filmfann: You are wise to trust Uncle Stevie. Though I’d change the word “writer” to “storyteller.” JRo is technically mediocre, but the story is pretty great. SMeyer just… sucks, frankly.

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I saw the movie out of sheer convienence. And I did enjoy it.

After seeing it I was interested in reading the book so I can get to the next one (vs. wait for the next movie). Some people seem to love the books but several people have also told me they find the books quite slow and a bit elementary. So that kinda turned me off to reading them although I still might try it out if I find some extra time.

I really can’t imagine reading the scene though where they are lying in the field just um.. staring. Seems a bit boring to read.

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I love the books! I think they were a great read and I was hooked into them. I dont think the movie was as good as the book, but it definetly wasnt horrible I dont think. I guess everyone has their own opinion tho.

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