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USMLE test prep?

Asked by Dr_C (14339points) April 20th, 2009

I’ve been trying to find comparative reviews to find the overall best USMLE prep course in the US. I’ve seen info on the PASS program and of course the famous Kaplan, but not enough to make an informed decision over which is best.
Many of the docs down here in mexico are trying to find info so they can take the boards…. any suggestions and or comparisons would be greatly appreciated.

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I looked some more for you today and found some links that might be helpful. Also, during my research, I learned about the FALCON test prep course. So maybe you want to look into that too.

Falcon vs. Kaplan vs. Pass vs. Princeton
Falcon vs. Pass
Kaplan vs. Pass. You also might want to follow this blog, seems like it might be handy for USMLE stuff.

Sorry if you have already seen these links, at least it will get the thread started!

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I took USMLE Step 1 in 2001 and I bought the online Kaplan Q test questions (about $150.00 then) and did about 1000 questions. I read the “First Aid for the USMLE Step 1” three times also. I scored 240 and would recommend this approach.

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@lataylor i thnk you’re on the right track… i also have the first aid books.. but i was looking into actual live courses… any info there?

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I do not think you need a live course. I believe you are better off saving your money and focusing on more studying. I studied every day about 8 hours for 3 weeks.

But, my friend did the Kaplan course (about $700.00) and he did well.

Good luck!

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The problem is with the translation.. there are a few people here that are interested in the steps.. we are all already MD’s… but translating terminology from spanish could be an issue… also some treatment protocols may differ… hence the interest in live interaction to assail doubt.

But again.. thanx for a great answer.

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@Dr_C – you are most welcome. Best of luck to you all. We need more doctors in New Mexico, so hope you will consider coming here. The weather is great, the people friendly, the pay is some of the best nationwide and the pace is very relaxed.

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