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Do the saudis hate israel?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) April 21st, 2009

like iran,iraq,etc. do

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Look, Iraqis and Iranians don’t hate Israel mostly. Most of these people think about work, friends, talking about sports or spending time with the family. And in many cases, just trying to make it through they day.

Most Iraqis I know, don’t think much about Israel – but they don’t hate it – and they don’t want to kill them. I don’t know many that hates jews just for being jews. There are of course. There are people like that in the states, and the EU too. Don’t make it that just because you are an arab, you are racist. That’s just not true.

I am sure there are Iraqis and Iranians and also Saudis, who hate Israel. You know what? They don’t make up the populations. I am a swede. I, and most in my country, don’t like a lot of things Israel has done. That doesn’t make me an antisemitic. It doesn’t make arabs antesemitic by default either.

Most arabs are not al-qaeda, hamas or terrorists.

But I understand where your view of the world comes from. There are no news in showing smiling and friendly arabs, nor is it with arabs saying that they just wish there would be peace in the region. Only hate and blood seems to make the news shows.

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It may no longer be a large scale “arab-Israeli” conflict and now it is mostly the “Israel-Palestine” conflict, but at one time there were issues amongst most of that region.

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@adreamofautumn Very true. A war hopefully not repeated. The question spoke about general hatred among people in the middle-east though.

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I think it’s safe to say that most Saudis hate Israel. And anti-Israel sentiment is enshrined in Saudi Arabia’s government. They don’t allow people into the country who have Israeli passports, for example. And I believe they teach about the evils of zionism in their government run schools.

I’m not exactly a fan of Israel, but I also don’t think it’s worth whitewashing the amount of anti-Israel/zionism sentiment in the middle east. It is a huge part of the culture, largely because Israel is such a nice scapegoat and rallying cry for their treatment of Palestinian Muslims.

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Everyone needs someone to hate, it seems. To me I see history repeating itself, whatever worked through the violance and war, embargo’s and what-not still works today. All of the hatred is bred to isolate the people in the country from the outside world. The media and news can be the best brainwashing tool we have over each other in north america, imagine where they grow up poor and how simple it must be to control confused starving people through “The bad guy is over there” routine points finger at Iraq. “Don’t look here, look over there” . Pretend my quotations where pronounced in George w. bush’s voice and mannurism. :D So that brings up the question, is hate even a base emotion? Or does it all just stem from Fear, jelousy and other emotions we may deny we have.

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